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  1. Yea 0.01 would be good. New exchange Bitrue should add soon.
  2. Mr X


    Should get listed in a few days.
  3. https://coingeek.com/silvio-schembri-malta-provides-holistic-environment-for-all-blockchain-operators-video/
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  5. I see great things happening with this coin. The joining of Richard Cammegh, Managing Director of Cammegh. Just shows again how awesome this team is and the connections they are making. Everything they need to make this successful is coming together. The advisory board are incredible. This is the coin to watch out for this year 👀 Look forward to the video road map update end of the week.
  6. JC met the land based supplier in Las Vegas. Cammegh is based in Kent, UK But they do business is Las Vegas aswell so could be.
  7. https://ambcrypto.com/breaking-binance-delists-bitcoin-sv-bsv-following-ayre-wrights-legal-charge-against-faketoshi-opposers/