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  1. Mr X

    9 Sats

    9 sats could be the bottom.
  2. Mr X

    My View On Cammegh

    Truss me. Your stupid.
  3. What token? You can't buy it.
  4. Mr X

    My View On Cammegh

    you're dumb. You should not be in crypto.
  5. Mr X

    9 Sats

    The BRM being used will be a good thing. Hope that happens this year.
  6. Mr X

    Convert CSC to XXX

  7. Tokens use CSC as gas. But tokens built on CasinoCoin blockchain will only be around casino and gambling stuff and most get approved from the CasinoCoin foundation first.
  8. 34 Sats ?? There should be more news next month about more token deals. Maybe 20 sats after that and more people find out about CasinoCoin.
  9. May end up going back here for a bit... Lots of selling I think because a lot of people are buying BTR.