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  1. https://coil.com/p/wietse/XRPL-Labs-will-launch-XUMM-wallet-platform-for-the-CasinoCoin-blockchain-too/HA19unNhj Love it!!!!
  2. I tried to post this over the weekend, but for some reason, when I click the "insert other media" button and copy the url into it; is doesn't do anything when I click "insert into post". I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, there is a link within this article that takes you to another article from igamingbusiness. Read that. It explains that the MGA is commencing it's second phase of the sandbox framework, which is designed to "explore the use of cryptocurrency by licensed gaming operators". In this "phase two", the regulator will accept applications for innovative technology arrangements (ITA's). It goes on to explain what is required by the operator in order to participate. It seems that without an operator to work with CSC will not be able to participate. I started a thread a handful of days ago regarding whether or not CSC being out of the sandbox was a problem. The consensus was "it isn't" although the more I read about what's involved in this I'm still not sure. I know CSC didn't lose the operator as a partner and I know that it was issues related to the partner that disallowed CSC to participate in the sandbox, but I was hopeful that they would have been able to obtain another operator to work with and eventually get involved. Daniel did pop in the thread to explain a little bit and also mentioned that they're still trying to get it done. That said, CSC's platform is being used in the real world (i.e. cammegh) so perhaps it doesn't matter. Thanks team and keep up the great work!
  3. Alcar

    Quick Sandbox Questions.......

    Thank you my friend!!! Yea, when I said "lost" I meant for the participation in the sandbox; not that they completely "lost" them as a partner. Glad you clarified for others though. Also, good point about Cammegh. The tech implemented in the real world is better than any sandbox.
  4. Hi Everyone; I hope this message finds that all of you have been doing well. I've gotten pretty busy with my business so I apologize in advance if this has been common knowledge for a while. I briefly looked around and couldn't find anything; so I thought I'd check in with my CSC friends. I saw a while back that CSC lost their partner that was going to participate in the sandbox with them. This didn't have anything to do with CSC, but rather the partner had to back out due to thier circumstances that I don't think were revealed. My questions are: 1. Was this a situation where being that the partner couldn't participate, that completely put CSC out of participating in the sandbox or would/did CSC have an opportunity to secure another partner to participate with them? 2. If this turn of events did prevent CSC from participating in the sandbox, does it matter? In other words, does the fact that CSC cannot now participate in the sandbox put them "behind" so to speak? Or, is this a "neutral" (not bad or good) kind of situation? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. I voted "yes" for the USA, but it needs a bit of an explanation. Up until last year, only in Nevada. Last year the US Supreme Court ruled on line sports betting (sportsbooks) is now legal. Some states have already jumped on board (i.e. New Jersey & PA). I live in PA and we're now starting to see commercials for on-line sportsbooks. I joined one, but I still keep my off-shore books, because I travel a lot and can't use that one when my IP will come up "out of state". Keep in mind I'm almost certain that the supreme court ruling ONLY applies to on-line sportsbooks and no other types of on-line betting. Keep up the great work Daniel!!!!
  6. Alcar

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Thanks guys. Yea my better half is very smart about this stuff. I do the research and make all the investment decisions and she handles all the custody. We own a lot of crypto and she has like five ledgers nano S's and spreads each coin across them (i.e. there is "X" amount of XRP in each of the ledgers incase something happens to one of them).
  7. Alcar

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Thanks LaGonze. No I NEVER hold anything on an exchange. I got it figured out though. I checked with the wife when she came home (she handles all the custody) and she informed me she has our CSC holdings spread across multiple wallets. My apologies for the false alarm. Thanks again.
  8. Alcar

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Hi everyone. It's been a while so I hope all of you are doing well. Is it possible some got missed on this list, because I'm not on it (and yes I own enough)? Thanks in advance!
  9. Alcar

    Unikrn potentially competition?

    I invested in the ICO so I follow them. They also will also be going live in 41 states in the US (no date for the unveiling yet), and since over the summer the US Supreme Court made sports betting legal, they are expecting some good expansion. Since it's now legal in the US they are looking forward to a national governing body to be formed to provide a path to for esports betting in the casinos. For a long time they have had a venue at the MGM Grand and have plans to open more venues in other casinos. The cool thing about Unikrn is that it allows for gamers to wager on themselves; so the video game tourneys at the casinos is looking like it's going to be just as big as the poker tourneys. They aren't doing what CSC is doing; so ATM they're not competition, but as other have mentioned they certainly can become competition. They're doing a great job at establishing themselves and gaining trust in the industry (they're based in Seattle, WA). Only time will tell how this develops. Like XRP, they're is one lawsuit that was filed for selling unlicensed securities, but it's clearly frivolous. I don't get the whole betting on esports either, but the market is huge and expected to grow a in the billions over the next few years so don't sell it short. A lot of current and former sports stars such as Michael Jordan invest big in this stuff. I'm a huge sports fan and if you take notice all the NBA, NFL, etc. players are big gamers (they're still kids after all). I am confused about one thing though. They have a Malta Gaming Authority Wagering License. I thought this didn't even open until November 1st. My apologies in advance if I misread something.
  10. I just sent Daniel a PM regarding what Kracken needs. Daniel, please let me know that you got the PM or if you had any trouble with my attachment. Thanks in advance. Alcar
  11. In my post I suggested that anyone on Kracken should e-mail them as I have. Scratch that. They said won't help. However, I did get the e-mail that only developers can use to request that Kracken lists them. The e-mail also includes the information that they need from the developer. I'm going to PM Daniel with this information and he and the team can take it from there.
  12. Alcar

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    I do a lot of business through Kracken. I think they're awesome. They are very open to folks to recommending "coins" they want them to list; so I recommended CSC. Most importantly, they don't charge any listing fees. They insist that their criteria when choosing to list a "coin" is all about the project, team and use case. I can't imagine them looking at CSC and saying "no". If anyone is on Kracken, please recommend CSC to them. I'm sure if they hear it enough; it might trigger someone at Kracken to take a look. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Everyone; I just wanted to come in to apologize to anyone here and the CSC Team for my posts last night. I don't normally post on forums such as these and clearly I have a lot to learn about doing so. I truly didn't mean for anything to come across in any negative kind of way, but it did to some and I take full responsibility. As I've said, I've been in CSC for quite some time and have spent a lot of time and effort trying to educate people about this great project. I was part of the "zerp" thread over at XRP Chat and when they initially started talking about CSC the sentiment was, "here's a cheap coin, let's pump this puppy". After some time, the sentiment changed to, "Whoa, this is a solid project and team that's worldly of a long time hold". Eventually I start chiming in as a veteran CSC holder to help those that had questions. My main talking points were always the use case, the experienced and connected team and advisors, no ICO, they're non-profit and their "no hype" approach. I'm also actually a little proud that I was one of the people that started the buzz (not in the "Zerp" thread) over at XRP chat to get this forum going and thanks to Carlo, Honey, Daniel, etc. it got done. Regrading my comments on the marketing; the "no hype" thing is mentioned a lot by folks here (including me) and the team makes it clear that they won't "hype" the project, which is a part of why I'm confident in this project and team. I only wanted to make a soft point that there's nothing wrong with creating some awareness. Some of you took me the wrong way and that's my fault. I went way too far in stating my point and I'm truly sorry. Regarding my comments on the professionalism as it related to the teams' dress and presentation quality; I'm traveling for business and knew I wouldn't be able to listen to the chat until this weekend. Last night I came into this thread to see the comments from the folks that did see it so I could get an idea of what was covered. I read multiple comments from some to the likes of, "they looked like a bunch of bums". There were also some negative comments regarding the presentation and lack of information. I have seen EVERY talk, chat AMA, etc. that the CSC team has done and it was always casual and I never thought anything of it. I tried my best to make it clear that I didn't see the chat yet and that when I do see it I may end up thinking it was perfectly fine. I only meant to say that IF the level of professionalism was as poor as some made it sound, it's unacceptable. I know I said more than that and it's precisely why it's my fault, I apologize and take full responsibility. I had no business commenting on this. Believe me, the team's professionalism (or lack there of) has never been on my radar at all. Regarding a comment I made when responding to Pyeball's reaction to my post, which is below: "I invest in stocks and each quarter they have an investors meeting via a conference call or a live stream kind of like the AMA's and stuff they do in the crypto world. They always dress and present themselves professionally. Now, in the crypto space, we're not called investors. That would implicate the coin being a stock and we're investing in a company. In the crypto space, we're strategically called a "community". You and I both know we're investors. And, as investors ( or a community) I think we're owed a certain level of professionalism as well as a certain amount of information." I have no excuse for this. I know better than to go down this road in any way, shape or form; especially with the sensitive legal circumstances that currently surround this space. And Luke was exactly right to single out this comment and address it in the way that he did. And, trust me, I know that owning any coin doesn't give the holder any interest or rights to anything and as a holder the team behind the project has no obligation to anyone who holds the coin. Hopefully, my past posts on here and over at XRP Chat for those who may remember; solidifies for some of you that my posts from last night were not meant to be a cancer in this forum. At the end of the day however, I posted what I posted and all I can do is take responsibility for it, apologize for it and assure everyone that it won't happen again. And let me be clear, I could give a s**t what anyone thinks of me and I won't ever apologize for who I am and what I believe. However, I'm also man enough to acknowledge it when I've made a mistake and own up to it. The reason I'm apologizing here is because in the fresh light of day, I think that anyone who reacted to negatively to my post from last night are was fair. My apology is owed to them and the CSC Team. Hopefully that's enough. I'd like to thank in advance all those who take the time to read this post. I'll still come here, because overall it's a great community that's doing a great job with sharing information and putting forth great discussions. You all have my commitment that moving forward, I will remain a "low key" presence here; so as to avoid further messes. If I do make a post, I'll be very careful and think it through more than once before doing so. Have a great evening everyone!! Alcar
  14. Thank you for your comments. Maybe I didn't get my point across properly, but I'm not pounding the table; bitching that here isn't enough marketing and promotion. I was trying to make two points. First, I feel that CSC is overselling that their not going to "hype" their project. We get that, we respect that, but it's not necessary go to such an extreme boasting anti-hype. Second, a necessary part of a good business plan includes a sound marketing strategy. Again, I'm not saying they should go crazy marketing a product that isn't completely ready to go live, but I am saying that there should be some level of marketing that is relative to where they are at with the project. And, as the product matures, grows and develops, their marketing plan should grow, mature and develop along with it. You asked, "what exactly are they going to promote" and "how can they promote and Idea". You further state that doing so would make them like the ICO's of this world. I completely disagree. The ICO's that turned out to be "scams", were pegged scams for a few different reasons. Many of these were a copy & pasted white paper, with an "idea" that they made sound good, but in reality would never work. They preyed on the uneducated people who put their money into an idea that wasn't sound and had no chance of materializing. What these ICO's did was make money on "hype", and nothing more. And, THEY KNEW IT! That's not the case here with CSC; no did I say it was. I've been invested in CSC for a long time. I've mentioned on these boards how I used to get excited when I saw a couple thousand dollars of volume. AS BG says, it's about the use case. And CSC has one. A good one and an incredible team and board of advisors to go along with it. I also disagree that there should be ZERO marketing efforts until there product is ready to go live. As I've said, I'm not a tech guy, but I know enough about software development to know that if you're wanting for everything to be perfect and ready to launch before you sell it and launch it, it will never happen. Anyone who does software development will tell you that it will never be perfect and at some point you just have to launch it and work out the bugs as you go. Look at Ripple. They never falsely hyped XRP, however while developing XRP, they also executed a plan to create awareness along side of the development that was relative to where they were at with the project. But, they didn't go as so far to create false hope. Years ago they said we we're years away from seeing XRP used live and at that their marketing plan was a soft touch approach to a level that only created awareness about what they were developing and the use case. Now, they're talking about going live within the next month or so and their marketing strategy is much more aggressive (because it can be at this stage). You asked in your post, "does it matter that they didn't have suits and ties on". You say you don't think it matters at all and that's fine. Firstly, I disclaimed in my post that I didn't see the chat yet and that my comments were based on the posts that I read in this thread. Heck I may see it and think that they were fine with their dress and the way they presented themselves. What I said was that IF their level of dress and presentation was as unprofessional as some here have noted, it's unacceptable. And, I never said they needed to have suits and ties on. However, I don't care who you are, what your experience is or what your connections are. There is a certain level of decorum that is expected in the business world if you expect to be taken seriously. I invest in stocks and each quarter they have an investors meeting via a conference call or a live stream kind of like the AMA's and stuff they do in the crypto world. They always dress and present themselves professionally. Now, in the crypto space, we're not called investors. That would implicate the coin being a stock and we're investing in a company. In the crypto space, we're strategically called a "community". You and I both know we're investors. And, as investors ( or a community) I think we're owed a certain level of professionalism as well as a certain amount of information. Pyeball; please don't take my response as "fighting back" at you. I just wanted to clarify where I was coming from. I also want you to know that I didn't take offence to your response to my post. Remember, 90% of what we say isn't what we say; it's how we say it. This is why so many times on forums such as these things get taken out of context and get ugly real quick. It's also why I hate texting. I sometimes answer my wife's texts back with an answer that I meant in a joking way and she snaps back at me. Anyway, we're just having a conversation, which is good and what these forums are for. Cheers to you my friend. GO CSC!!!!!
  15. Hi Everyone; I won't download that Zoom thing; so I'll have to wait for when they get it on YouTube. So, as someone who didn't see it yet, but read the comments in this thread, I feel I must throw something out there that's been on my mind with this Team. There is such a thing as going too far even when the intentions are good. initially, I, as we all have, respected the team for directing their focus on a working, quality product; rather than "hyping" the project; like 95% of all the scam coins that are out there. However, AWARENESS IS IMPORTANT. This project/use case can be the Jesus Christ of the on-line gaming/gambling world, but it won't go anywhere if enough awareness isn't created. I don't want hype, but I do expect a sound strategy to create awareness or to put it more correctly, a sound marketing and promotion strategy. Investments in this project brings money to it, which will allow them to move the project forward at the speed of business. Doing nothing will run the risk another team/project winning when all is said and done. I've owned my own business for over twenty years. In fact, I'm a business consultant. My business/job is to help multi-million dollar business improve their operations and their bottom line. I can tell you first hand that the best doesn't always win. I can give countless examples, but one would be the VHS vs Beta Max War. If you're old enough you remember this. Beta Max was miles better than the VHS. Better tech, better quality, better product, etc. So why did VHS win that war? The reason is that they not only had a quality product that worked (although not as good as Beta Max), but they also had a sound marketing strategy. The best doesn't always win!!! And, CasinoCoin won't "win" if they don't have some sort of marketing plan. I'm sure with their connections they're promoting the heck out of this with the operators and payment processors, but we can't forget about the players. They need to look forward to this as well. Unless I'm missing something, the CSC Team is certainly big enough to divert some efforts to marketing/creating awareness. Their experienced enough, connected enough and have a solid board of advisors to get this done. Regarding the professionalism; again, I didn't see it yet, but if their dress and presentation was as unprofessional as some here have noted, it's unacceptable. And, we should not make excuses for them or try to rationalize why this was OK. It's not. Period! I would never take anyone seriously and in fact, would waste any of my time on anyone that didn't present themselves to me in a serious/professional way. One person mentioned that maybe they did this on purpose to squelch the hype in this community. I'm sorry to disagree. No one with ANY business sense would do that and this was not done on purpose. And, if it was....Wrong move. Listen, I think it's great that we got this community going and I love it, but we're really not that big of a community and we certainly don't need to be squelched. Hell, as it stands it sounds like we're the only marketing they've got. I mentioned at the start of this that this has been on my mind for a while. What I meant by that was I was at my limits with this "no hype" BS when they went on about it during the last chat they did in August. We get it. You're "no hype". No need to remind us at every turn. And speaking of that last chat from August, it brings me to my second thing. During that chat, John discussed that there were operators using CSC and that they all thought it was a great idea and he's received very positive feed back. If you listen to that whole portion where this comes up, John stated that the overall sentiment of operators that were involved was that, "they thought it was a great idea, but the tech isn't nearly there". The second part of that, "...but the tech isn't nearly there...." is what I want to point out. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem if the tech isn't nearly there, I just want to point out to everyone that we probably have a long while before anything materializes with this. However, I'm also struggling with it a little, because in the thread that was discussing the sandbox testing Daniel mentioned they were "ready to go" and "couldn't wait". I understand that just because they're ready for the testing it doesn't mean that the tech doesn't still need some work, but I would think that if they're ready for the testing the tech would be closer than what the operators intimated to John. I'm far from a tech guy; so I may be way off base with my understanding of it all; please don't kill me. I hope none of this came across in any wrong kind of way. Remember folks, I'm XRP & CSC through and through. Also, I don't want any of you or the CSC Team to take anything I've written here as a slight on there intentions, passion or competence. We said when we started this community that we weren't going to get out of hand with OUR hype and we also said that while we weren't going to allow any negativity by way of trolls, we weren't going to put our heads in the sand either. I will be the first to show my appreciation to the CSC Team for a job well done, but I also have no problem calling anyone out if I have a problem with something. If I'm wrong or I need to be educated they can do so and I'll be glad to stand corrected. But this overkill on the no hype has to stop. The bottom line is that it seems, at least to this community (and we do count), that CSC is lacking in the marketing and promotions department. Please put one in place...Or, at least start creating some awareness. Sorry for the rant and thanks in advance for tolerating it. GO CSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!