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  1. DividendGamer

    CSC ROI 2019 better than XRP

    Yeah, that's about how I see it panning out.
  2. DividendGamer

    CSC now active on Bitrue

    Bought on coinbase and transfered xrp for csc and purchased inside of 5 minutes. So easy and quick.
  3. DividendGamer

    Use case is coming! πŸ‘€

    Tick tock token
  4. DividendGamer

    CasinoCoin Pipeline/Roadmap

    Next couple of months will be exciting; tokens, partners , new board members πŸ»πŸŽ‚
  5. DividendGamer

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Love being able to see me on the list! 3XX and rising! πŸ˜‚ Don't know if I can ever break into the top 100, but it will be fun trying lol Cheers🍻
  6. DividendGamer

    Average Buying Price

    All in with csc now, hit my first personal goal of 10m, now happy to just keep loading up every month.
  7. DividendGamer

    CSC Team Quotes

    These are great
  8. Will be interesting to see this performance in a few years.
  9. DividendGamer

    CSC Chat Members on Twitter

    Twitter: @_Varkeer PS4: Dividend-Gamer
  10. DividendGamer


    Love the action and community, discord is a blast!
  11. Love it! Hope to be over 10 million csc in a couple months! This is a gold standard company that is not fooling around with scammers or sh!T coins πŸ˜€
  12. Has it been confirmed if they are working with any significant companies like Las Vegas Sands with revenues of 11.69 billion U.S. dollars? Over half of the largest 12 casino companies were based in the United States, including MGM Resorts and Caesar's Entertainment.
  13. DividendGamer

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    Yeah I have to use xrp to buy csc too. Pick up xrp on coinbase and transfer to nuex for csc.
  14. DividendGamer

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    Yeah I look at it as a golden opportunity to invest with a great team, technology, and coin and products potential. I would love to be able to buy xrp for under a penny. The cheapest I have bought so far is $0.29. my average is around $0.33. As long as xrp is under a dollar I will keep buying every month. Because this allows you to multiply your holdings very quickly. As long as csc is still under a penny I will keep buying every month. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to accumulate a future top 100 (or higher πŸ˜€) crypto currency.
  15. DividendGamer

    40 Billion Supply?

    Yeah, I have gotten about 30 of my friends and family invested into xrp as of now. I am explaining the benefits of csc to some of them now too. Most of them are very risk averse, but they trust me. I have had all of them only invest with money they could afford to flush down the toilet. Hell, I have bought csc for people and just earmarked their share out of my own holdings. Buying at least a couple million csc a month for as long as it is under $0.000XXX in price. This is a steal!πŸ˜€