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  1. DividendGamer

    XUMM Wallet for The CSC Blockchain TOO!

    Xumm is a terrible name. But still, nice to see more development and utility.
  2. DividendGamer

    CSC On The Move

    Great start to the new year! 2020 is the year of CasinoCoin
  3. Be sure to give it a vote / claps
  4. DividendGamer

    Top 1000 Accounts

    Yeah I doubt there is even 6k people in the world who are invested into casinocoin. We are all poised for massive roi over the next couple years.
  5. DividendGamer

    GoodGaming to launch new CasinoCoin-powered brand

    Good times rolling out
  6. DividendGamer

    Cammegh are TESTING right now.

    Nice, happy Thanksgiving
  7. DividendGamer

    CasinoCoin lands Omnia Casino loyalty token deal

    So awesome, and still have "the big one" of new announcements coming.
  8. DividendGamer

    Cammegh Rolls Out First Phase of CasinoCoin

    Great, hard to deny the potential now! 😍🍻🎄🎄🚀
  9. DividendGamer

    Aver Partners with CasinoCoin

    Looks like a lean, young, hungry team. Perfect to grow with casinocoin.
  10. DividendGamer

    Is the BRM getting closer??

    One of the announcements will look something like this: "hey guys, Cammo is going live at 9am tomorrow morning, expect to see a slow ramp up through the end of the year, leading to an expected daily average of about 1.2 million transactions."