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  1. DividendGamer

    Aver Partners with CasinoCoin

    Looks like a lean, young, hungry team. Perfect to grow with casinocoin.
  2. DividendGamer

    First to go LIVE

    It's going to be a merry Christmas and a happy new year for us all.
  3. DividendGamer

    Is the BRM getting closer??

    One of the announcements will look something like this: "hey guys, Cammo is going live at 9am tomorrow morning, expect to see a slow ramp up through the end of the year, leading to an expected daily average of about 1.2 million transactions."
  4. DividendGamer

    Should be a new project any day now

    Q4 is going to be busy
  5. DividendGamer

    Things Are Changing

    Going up the start of the rollercoaster now
  6. DividendGamer


    3 down, 100s to come 🤑
  7. DividendGamer

    CasinoCoin & FunFair ???

    Would be a great mutually beneficial partnership.
  8. DividendGamer

    CSC @ .005 EOY 2019?

    Certainly possible, i voted yes!
  9. Have a plan. Practice how you would withdraw. Talk to tax accountants and financial advisor etc. Know what you need to do. Document everything. Duplicate everything. Backup your backups.
  10. DividendGamer

    Cammegh Token now listed

  11. DividendGamer

    MASSIVE Giveaway

    This is definitely something that should continue. Community/member driven giveaways are a great way to build awareness and promote csc.
  12. DividendGamer

    Vote for PowerPiggy Bitrue

    Just a joke.