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  1. Mabye he completly overbought himself and need to sell a lot to stay solvent. You never know..it's easy to overspend on crypto.
  2. Thanks for that article. I made a request on binance with that text. I asked them to have an eye on CSC 🙂
  3. Bladerino

    Easy swing opportunity incoming

    Don't annoye me or I put a 20mio buy wall at 6 sat. Good luck, you will never buy again at 3 sats 🙂
  4. Bladerino

    3 Sats Possible ?

    You can have some of mine at 100 sats no problem 🙂
  5. Bladerino

    3 Sats Possible ?

    Don't be greedy. This coin could be worth multiple thousand satoshis eoy..If you have less then 10 mio CSC then buy now!