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  1. They followed me on twitter. I will start to write with HitBTC today 🙂
  2. I already filled out their form for coin listings a few weeks ago 🙂 Would be cool to be listed there 🙂
  3. Not long enough for you..you had your chance..
  4. You are not wearing your rose shaded glasses, but you gamble for a living? Man you are so dumb and lost all connections to the real world.
  5. That was the answer from the binance support: Link for listing process: https://goo.gl/forms/jwjm8SClOYEuC8hr1 Also there is no listing fee see here : https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017664751-Binance-Listing-Fee-Update @Daniel Keller @Kepoly
  6. Update: Also filled in the form for HitBTC : https://hitbtc.com/add-token Answer will be given in one week. Best regards
  7. Hi, today I filled in a Bittrex Listing Form. Let's wait what happens 🙂 -------- THIS IS AN AUTOMATED RESPONSE. REPLIES TO THIS MESSAGE WILL NOT BE ANSWERED You have indicated that you are not the developer or representing the Coin team for the coin you submitted. Our policy is to not comment on whether we will launch coins but we only add coins under active development with high community demand. Please encourage the development team to Submit a request for this coin if they have not already. Best Regards, Bittrex Support Team @ Bittrex
  8. Mabye he completly overbought himself and need to sell a lot to stay solvent. You never know..it's easy to overspend on crypto.
  9. Thanks for that article. I made a request on binance with that text. I asked them to have an eye on CSC 🙂
  10. Don't annoye me or I put a 20mio buy wall at 6 sat. Good luck, you will never buy again at 3 sats 🙂
  11. You can have some of mine at 100 sats no problem 🙂
  12. Don't be greedy. This coin could be worth multiple thousand satoshis eoy..If you have less then 10 mio CSC then buy now!
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