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  1. Ragnar

    New member from xrpchat

    Welcome @DividendGamer, great to have you here!
  2. Ragnar

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    Thanks @voirähmä, that's what I am seeing in other threads. Thanks. 👍
  3. Ragnar

    How did you learn about Casinocoin?

    Seen it mentioned in a tweet in relation to XRP.
  4. Ragnar

    XRP Veteran

    @voirähmä, I will try NUex with my next round of purchases. Thanks.
  5. Ragnar

    XRP Veteran

    @Zenkert, my definition of an XRP veteran, is anyone who has been in XRP prior to the bull run beginning in 2017. I've been in XRP for a while...I'm sure some of you have been in in it longer than me. Looking forward to being a CSC veteran in the years to come.
  6. Ragnar

    CAN THE BRM be released already

    Thanks for the insights of the pain points of a gambler @KMACMcGrath. Similar parallels to cross border payment issues between banks. Fees for moving money has been a great business to be in. XRP and CSC reducing friction and lowing fees to move money is the new business model to adapt.
  7. Ragnar

    XRP Veteran

    Thanks @Ermac 👍
  8. Ragnar

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!

    I missed out...this could have been fun.
  9. Ragnar

    Average Buying Price

    My average is $0.0002200
  10. Ragnar

    XRP Veteran

    Hello to the CSC community! I am an XRP veteran and looking to diversify my portfolio while I'm waiting for this bear market to turn. I am learning everything I can about CasinoCoin, the team and the project. I am liking what I see so far. Ragnar
  11. Ragnar

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    Stex has been good for me. Transactions have been fast with xrp and btc conversions. So out of all of the exchanges, I take it that Stex and Nuex are the most popular for CSC trading? Interested to hear of any issues with all of the exchanges that have CSC listed.
  12. Ragnar

    Get FREE XLM

    I have been converting all of my XRP tips from XRPtipbot to CSC on Stex.
  13. Ragnar

    High Risk, High Reward.

    The update was good....no fluff and too the point. There is not a lot of interest in the crypto space at the moment. Perfect time to accumulate and fill your bags.
  14. Ragnar

    Sleep mode in the Chat ?

    I'm happy for the bear market to continue while I accumulate my position....
  15. I plan on accumulating until CSC becomes mainstream.