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  1. Hopefully one day someone will know 😛
  2. Awesome read 🙂 I am just not sure how CSC will take care of liquidity problems. Right now even a few dollars can move the price dramatically. I mean this must be a problem, so I hope to see more fiat exchanges in the future providing more stability.😉
  3. CSC_Legend

    CSC gaining in volume

    Whoever is putting up these low sell walls should know that he is making it easy for new people to become whales.
  4. CSC_Legend

    High Risk, High Reward.

    Everyone should buy a million csc. It is so cheap and owning a million of something feels pretty good. And of course fundamentals a great, better than most top 100 coins and if I may say even some top 10 coins
  5. CSC_Legend

    Average Buying Price

    same with me. I mean the price cant get really lower so buying this beauty is a no brainer for me.
  6. CSC_Legend

    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell

    Its just amazing how many csc one can get for 450$. I believe that at one point this whole forum will consist of massive whales. I wouldnt be surprised if the total amount of csc owned in this forum is over a billion soon. (or probably already is)
  7. CSC_Legend

    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell

    I bought more this week.
  8. CSC_Legend

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    So lcw has added exrates for csc. Lets see where this goes 🙂
  9. CSC_Legend

    CAN THE BRM be released already

    Holy crap more than 10% fees? I really hope csc can improve on that !
  10. CSC_Legend

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    The ordebook shows that their volume is fake on a massive scale. Sorry but that is not trustworthy at all, combined with the other info. Maybe not a scam but I stick to Nuex, top exchange with super fast support.
  11. CSC_Legend

    6 Months Wait

    CSC cant really go much lower lol
  12. CSC_Legend

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    Hope not. Would be a huge red flag for me
  13. CSC_Legend

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    Scammy exchange pumping csc is definitely not good, agree. Their twitter is full of russian bots lol xD
  14. CSC_Legend


    Zerp_Legend from XRPChat here Been a fan of csc since last autumn. Just registered here because I actually wanted to warn you guys about exrates. Probably a scam exchange. Let shope they at least pamp csc for us 😉