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  1. First of all thank you to the community-members who donated CSC to help BRM registrations! There has been a slowdown in new registrations after hitting 2K BRM accounts. I am willing to give 10000 CSC to 50 new users of the BRM. Community-members who to join are more than welcome to- Maybe we could reach 3000 users and more? Thanks
  2. Sprosper

    OTC Buy 1 Sat

    We have allready got pledged enough! Check discord!
  3. I cant see the video because owner must grant accsess
  4. Sprosper

    Get Bitrue added to Delta

    Facebook login failed to connect for me
  5. 2 diffrent colors. not Dark red. But dark and red
  6. Would love a feature to change it via a small button to change back and forth between white/red to dark/red.
  7. Would you like to see this implemented in the future?