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  1. Marco

    Fiat Marketcap

    https://www.fiatmarketcap.com/ Nice website giving you idea of world currencies marketcap vs BTC. Enjoy
  2. Csc wallet is a fork of xrp toastwallet which is open source.
  3. Marco

    Why did CSC price drop as well?

    Closed as per op request.
  4. Marco

    Why did CSC price drop as well?

    Guys take it easy ! please dont call out people @Zenkert behave everyone !! and enjoy csc love !
  5. Marco

    CSC A SCAM????

    Locked, feel free to open new genuine support thread.
  6. Marco

    CSC A SCAM????

    You You actually tick a check box saying that you did read and understood that ... Ignorance has its price. Now to help you , do you have by any chance the folder that CasinoCoin wAs installed to?
  7. Marco

    CSC A SCAM????

    Did you even read what you press on when installing a wallet? IT SPECIFICALLY SAYS that pass phrases do not restore wallet. You need to export your secret key 🙂
  8. Since i grabbed your attention : I really would like to share my thoughts on listing CSC on Binance or any over hyped exchange that is not regulated. Let me say it out bluntly , Binance is NOT a holy grail and listing of CSC does not necessarily mean an instant win for the project! It could be an instant PUMP and definitively a dump after making it even way harder to recover, even making the coin/project less legitimate IMHO. There are plenty of coins that are listed on Binance that have low daily volume, I've selected NavCoin to present my case further since I think it's a kind that most of us heard of at least once. NavCoin was listed on Binance on 27/12/2017 As you can see, the hype before and after listing on Binance made a slight difference in BTC value but without real utility the price/volume kept sinking. You see, what CSC would need is a regulated exchange with FIAT paring where you can purchase BTC with fiat , ideally CSC/Fiat paring but not for speculative traders or holders but for gamblers who will use BRM to acquire CSC and play creating high demand for CSC, with demand volume will come and higher price. All this will happen regardless of sepculative traders/hodlers , since it is the player who will buy CSC regardless of it's price and use it to play on parner operators. We have really good three exchanges currently that perfectly fit our trading needs, the only time I wish to see Binance as one of exchanges is when CSC will have steady volume of +300k making way less susceptible to market manipulation / P&D schemes. So Do we need binance to be great ? NO! CSC could succed with ONE exchange/processor for it's utility. Those are my two csc that I wanted to share
  9. Marco

    Burn Fees with CRN

    Exactly, CSC supply will always be fixed at 40bil with CRN running.
  10. Marco

    Binance Listing !

    Bursting a bubble here... but its the foundation who submitted the info, anyone can submit info, binance does not actively search for projects to submit info 😉
  11. Marco

    Binance Listing !

    Cool, but I hope you know it has absolutely nothing to do with binance listing. This is like binance equivalent to coinmarketcap / livecoinwatch .
  12. Actually, during his video he said he has another deal brewing and it might be soon announced. So there might be another deal coming up soon 😉
  13. Marco

    Bitrue Withdrawal Fee

    They have to make money somehow.
  14. Marco

    On board for the ride

    welcome to csc family !
  15. and threatening to contact police ...
  16. Marco

    Getting BTC

    @Hashish there are many websites that take credit or debit cards. In addition you can use MoneyGram or Western Union and buy from localbitcoin 😉 that's one of the ways I get my BTC otc 😉
  17. A company requesting tokens from foundation will pay in CSC to foundation.
  18. It's beyond pubic knowledge when BRM will go live, there is no time line currently.
  19. The operator did not say they changed priorities with brm, however as per video update they had to postpone involvement with sandbox and brm for time being due to internal stuff. BRM is ready to be live,there is IoM that has sandbox about to run not just Malta 😉 so BRM will come, it's waiting game .
  20. Marco

    An Interesting Start to CSC!

    Sorry you had to go through to trouble of exrates, its very bad exchange and is not endorsed by community or the foundation itself ! glad you got things sorted out, and good luck 🙂 let us know if you ever need anything, we are all here to support ! Regards
  21. Please take 1 min of your time to vote on Delta to list NuEx on their portfolio tracker . Thanks ! https://ask.delta.app/exchange-requests/p/nuex
  22. Marco

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    If you go through BRM kyc , probably you will be able to do that but definitively it will be cheaper if you go through exchange and do it manually. Especially if you are talking about big amounts
  23. With time these having big amounts will exit and will be replaced by those who just purchased. Just like any other coin went through this process, csc will.
  24. Marco

    CSC Tip Bot

    its been a while since its been up 😄 too bad twitter got us banned....
  25. Marco

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    The address you get on brm registers with a selected operator in brm. Any other address is not recognized and won't be associated with your or any account.