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  1. Marco

    Order not being satisfied

    I had once order sit for over 20 days. Let's say that I put buy order of 100 mil CSC. And then you put order of 5 mil, so total buy orders is 105 at 5 satoshi .Anyone selling info 5 satoshi will must go through first come first serve so if they sell 40 mil into 5 then there will be still 65 mil left at buy at 5 and your order wont be filled till everything is gone. But if someone sets order at 6sat then your order gets to be pushed further into back however anyone buying at 5 after you will be now last
  2. Marco

    Order not being satisfied

    Your buy order was not filed by sell order, depending on how much more there is before you in queue you might need to wait whole 1 btc or another 20 mil csc to be sold to get your order filed.
  3. And we are less than back then πŸ˜›
  4. Marco

    Possible SCAM warning ! Whois Belinda77 ?

    Report next time πŸ˜› I get reports right to my inbox ...
  5. Marco

    Decided to jump into STORJ

    If that is the case, you are only chasing "hype" or "pumped " coins, you go and jump to buy "enjin" for example now , you might do some small gain before a drop... at drop XRP or CSC will be doing that movement you were expecting. So be patient dont follow hypes.
  6. Marco

    Hello everybody

    Hello Pauline! Welcome to our csc family, please of you have any question don't hesitate to ask ! Can you please tell us how did you discover csc ? Thank you
  7. My first buy was in Jan 1,2018... since then I've increased my "final" bag ...20 fold ... but I'm done. Its done. I'm loaded. Unless it drops to 1 or BTC goes to 1k,then I will fomo.
  8. it doesnt matter , unless you are setting buy orders or buying at market price. Setting a buy , better to put your bulk. buying market price, doesnt matter when as long as you are buying at your happy price.
  9. this is inevitable, but doesnt mean the pump will be insane and faked but real people buying in.
  10. Marco

    LetΒ΄s buy a Pizza with CSC

    actually he was exactly doing what bitcoin was made for, to be used and paid with.
  11. Once volume drops below 5k USD coin drops very low, but now it wont seem an issue.
  12. Marco

    The price on the erratic signal is good or bad

    very good using this widget πŸ˜„
  13. Feel free to ask as much as you want! And never invest more than you can afford to lose that's the general rule.