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  1. Marco

    0.006 EOY

    I hope it reaches that price and if not more, however just want to point out that many coins are not massively adapted or not even used at all and have no running own chain and are above 1 cent 😉
  2. Marco

    [SOLVED] Desktop wallet wonky?

    You probably did that when wallet was trying to connect for the first time, didnt allow public networks 😉 anyway locking this down. case solved
  3. Marco

    [SOLVED] Desktop wallet wonky?

    Welcome ! The secret key is generated the instant your public address is generated, they come in pair 😉 That file can be used to restore on any pc or mac, the inside of the file has key to recover it on mobile for example 😄
  4. Marco

    [SOLVED] Desktop wallet wonky?

    none of these will recover your wallet you need to enter your dekstop wallet, go to Tools > Private keys > export private key. DO NOT worry that every time you do that the name of the file is different, what matters is the inside of the file. YOu can use this file to restore your wallet on any PC / MAc. Try making new wallet and restore it. and you can try extracting your secret this way : by opening the file with notepad you will find this: {"accountID":"cxxdsfsdftwetsdsdfdsffs","publicKey":"03497611623543235426232346234524532646250","privateKey":"002F3C70F31CC323A3634534523423B1DCF49","secret": "ssFDoSsdfdsfsdghrtewesrfdgrg","encrypted":false}] This is your address and red is your secret key, that will permit you to recover your wallet anywhere.
  5. Marco

    [SOLVED] Desktop wallet wonky?

    NOOOOOOO. That's for your password recovery, you got to enter your wallet and export your key, it gives you a file that can be used to restore your wallet. Or you can open it and inside there is your secret key which can be used to restore your wallet on mobile
  6. If you Google up the company, you will find out that they are aiming to be Bitcoin liquidity provider. You have Bitcoin? Want to put it somewhere in your account? They will do it for you... They aren't meant for gambling industry, and you have to have sent them your bitcoins so they can convert it and send fiat to bank, or Casino or anywhere you want . What it seems it lacks current what regulators require , AML KYC for transparency . It's easier to money launder through such provider like them,sine it doesn't say or ask where you got the BTC from . Brm provides option to buy/sell CSC from it , and most players will use this way to purchase CSC , everything will be ready for audit. @Ben So competition? Definitively not .
  7. Marco

    [SOLVED] Desktop wallet wonky?

    as long as they are on the explorer, and you have keys to your wallet you are fine 🙂
  8. Marco

    [SOLVED] Desktop wallet wonky?

    Are they showing up on the explorer ?
  9. Marco

    Tier 1 Casino Operator

    The price will be dictated by volume of demand that is generated by players not investors , as player wants to play he/she won't care how much csc is worth just buys at market price and plays. This possibly will generate massive volume, thefore demand and price.
  10. Marco

    Tier 1 Casino Operator

    There is no news or leaks on who is the Tier 1 partner, it is possible Foundation has more than 1 partner but that as well has not been stated just hinted of such possibility. Partner will be announced when that partner will get its permission to start sandbox 🙂 applications started on jan 1 2019
  11. Marco

    How many CSC owners ?

    Well yeah, but I personally know people who have 10 wallet addresses , me myself have created few and disposted them, so it could really give you a bad estimate. My 2k is based on number of people on discord, plus those who dont join chat rooms and top it with Telegram.
  12. Marco

    How many CSC owners ?

    Was just thinking it othe other day, what would be the estimate. Wallet count doesn't really reflect it, and user count on discord doesn't reflect it either... a wild guess to have 2k investors ?
  13. Marco

    I've joined the CSC movement!

    the fomo and greed hooks us up 🙂
  14. Marco

    I've joined the CSC movement!

    Welcome ! if you have any questions , don't hesistate to ask ! we are here to help