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  1. Marco

    Bitrue Withdrawal Fee

    They have to make money somehow.
  2. Marco

    On board for the ride

    welcome to csc family !
  3. and threatening to contact police ...
  4. Marco

    Getting BTC

    @Hashish there are many websites that take credit or debit cards. In addition you can use MoneyGram or Western Union and buy from localbitcoin 😉 that's one of the ways I get my BTC otc 😉
  5. A company requesting tokens from foundation will pay in CSC to foundation.
  6. It's beyond pubic knowledge when BRM will go live, there is no time line currently.
  7. The operator did not say they changed priorities with brm, however as per video update they had to postpone involvement with sandbox and brm for time being due to internal stuff. BRM is ready to be live,there is IoM that has sandbox about to run not just Malta 😉 so BRM will come, it's waiting game .
  8. Marco

    An Interesting Start to CSC!

    Sorry you had to go through to trouble of exrates, its very bad exchange and is not endorsed by community or the foundation itself ! glad you got things sorted out, and good luck 🙂 let us know if you ever need anything, we are all here to support ! Regards
  9. Please take 1 min of your time to vote on Delta to list NuEx on their portfolio tracker . Thanks ! https://ask.delta.app/exchange-requests/p/nuex
  10. Marco

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    If you go through BRM kyc , probably you will be able to do that but definitively it will be cheaper if you go through exchange and do it manually. Especially if you are talking about big amounts
  11. With time these having big amounts will exit and will be replaced by those who just purchased. Just like any other coin went through this process, csc will.
  12. Marco

    CSC Tip Bot

    its been a while since its been up 😄 too bad twitter got us banned....
  13. Marco

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    The address you get on brm registers with a selected operator in brm. Any other address is not recognized and won't be associated with your or any account.
  14. They supply over 70% of market roulette tables, with electric services. So think BIG
  15. Marco

    Hot garbage

    This thread got pretty much hot! Locked. Take it to clubs, you can be more trashy there 😛 but please be respectful