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  1. Marco

    How many CSC owners ?

    respect others opinion please 🙂
  2. Marco

    How did you learn about Casinocoin?

    I've actually went through coinmarketcap looking for great projects. Weeks of research to come down to one gem, CSC.
  3. Marco

    Problem with wallet activation

    Well yeah, didn't read through all posts so just replied for the sake of it 😉
  4. Marco

    Problem with wallet activation

    You don't need the when withdrawing to your wallet, only if you withdraw to another exchange. Minimum is 10 to activate it,but you can send 1000 of more to activate it the 10 will be stored and rest will be yours to use . It seems you are having problems with stex ,and it's on their side .
  5. Marco


    Welcome aboard !
  6. https://casinobeats.com/2019/01/31/compliance-2-0-how-blockchain-can-raise-the-bar/
  7. but but but it wont be possible 😛 unless we reach bilion volume, your 1 mil csc at 1 USD wont make much of an impact 😉
  8. Link doesn't work, and 2.5k ? You can do better:p
  9. This help will cost you 300k 😄 csc ! hahah , just use your email and password that should do it ! i have discord running on 3 different platforms all at same time
  10. Marco

    Keep your CSC safe

    All you need is the exported file,inside that file you have secret key. Either the file or the key inside can be used to restore your wallet . Try using the export file to restore your new test wallet 🙂 doesn't need to be activated
  11. That is why you do if gradually, not all at once in smal daily percentage of total volume 🙂
  12. There is a simple rule I've learned in crypto... Sell 10% of your stash at 100% of your investment. Assuming you bought 1 mil at 6 sat , that is 0.06 BTC, put a sell order of 100k CSC at 60 sat. You will get your btc back and rest is free CSC to hodl long. You can keep selling 10% (900k ) at new target price such as 600 sat , and then another at 6000 sat and so on.
  13. Don't want to think by how much I overshot my initial target ... Makes me want to get more ahhaha
  14. Totally get you... I told myself when I reach my target then that will be it... I just keep setting new TargetSss
  15. Marco

    Keep your CSC safe

    I mean the new update will force you to select a folder to backup your keys , it is already saved in documents folder but people ignore it . Maybe if they need to select a place it could be a USB .