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  1. 1. Of course,same way you bought CSC assuming you did it through exchange. 2. Yes of course you can get them out of exchange 3. They are not wallets to create paper wallet to begin with .
  2. Marco

    Average Buying Price

    Yeah, btc back then was near 4x of today. So buying then at 3 sat would be comparable to 12 sat today.
  3. Marco

    Average Buying Price

    I've been buying since jan , got bunch at 17 sat.
  4. Marco

    Average Buying Price

  5. everything is possible ! Whole market is expected to be in TRILIONS in coming years, we can't look at what BTC is today so keep your minds open to possibilities 😉
  6. Marco

    Exit Price

    I have acquired one strategy that I am going to follow with CSC. when 10% of my stash gives me 100% roi I will be selling those 10%, rest of it is a free investment and taken out on need.
  7. Marco


    Nuex no fees ? Or you mean @NLexch.com
  8. Marco

    Oops, Android Phone Wiped... Help?

    This would be valid only if wallet keeps the keys without encryption in system folder which would be highly unlikely, otherwise it's a security issue. @Daniel Keller
  9. Marco

    Oops, Android Phone Wiped... Help?

    Most likely it's gone, you can't recover key because it's stored in root of your phone that wont be recoverable by any software unfortunately in your case.
  10. @Zenkert You see Binance is not a holy grail, being on big exchange makes you vulnerable to pump and dump which is inevitable however it can be tried to be avoided . Besides many coins go on binance and end up in less than original price, we need sustianed gradual growth for people and investor to join not a hype which wont benefit anyone might even hurt the project. Moreover, csc volume should be mainly driven by players and those don't care for binance snd they probably never even heard of it , since fiat to csc will be handled by processor.
  11. Nlexch is a very trusted exchange. Binance will only hurt csc at this stage, any bigger exchange will hurt csc and make it susceptible to pump and dump schemes orchestrated by people outside of community. Csc with gradual growth will attract exchanges by itself.
  12. Marco

    Price Locking Mechanism

    If I'm not mistaken , according to Malta documents whenever you start playing the price is locked till you end your game session. So if you bought 1000 CSC for 100 usd, and you are playing and all of sudden someone dumps then you will still be playing with 1000 csc worth 100 usd ,but converting them to fiat through processor will get you market price of csc, which could be lower or higher. However, once CSC gets enough of volume and that volume will be mostly created by players not cryptospeculators then price won't be volatile as much ,it will be gradually increasing with volume and demand.
  13. Marco

    Best way to buy CSC

    Hello ! Welcome to cscchat 🙂 currently you can buy CSC through : https://nlexch.com/markets/cscbtc https://nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_BTC https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/CSC https://www.nuex.com/exchange/market/CSC_XRP CSC will be available to be purchased through fiat using BRM which should be released before end of year , BRM is awaiting Malta sandbox start which was delayed in september. However, through BRM it will be mostly bought through fiat in order for one to play at partner casinos.
  14. your csc should be in your hands 😛
  15. Marco

    Creating CSC price email/SMS alerts

    Did you manage it ?