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  1. Please take 1 min of your time to vote on Delta to list NuEx on their portfolio tracker . Thanks ! https://ask.delta.app/exchange-requests/p/nuex
  2. Marco

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    If you go through BRM kyc , probably you will be able to do that but definitively it will be cheaper if you go through exchange and do it manually. Especially if you are talking about big amounts
  3. With time these having big amounts will exit and will be replaced by those who just purchased. Just like any other coin went through this process, csc will.
  4. Marco

    CSC Tip Bot

    its been a while since its been up 😄 too bad twitter got us banned....
  5. Marco

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    The address you get on brm registers with a selected operator in brm. Any other address is not recognized and won't be associated with your or any account.
  6. They supply over 70% of market roulette tables, with electric services. So think BIG
  7. Marco

    Hot garbage

    This thread got pretty much hot! Locked. Take it to clubs, you can be more trashy there 😛 but please be respectful
  8. I don't advise anyone using this exchange.
  9. Marco

    40 Billion Supply?

    Just like xrp , ripple holding 60 bil and it's not accounted in circulating supply.
  10. Marco

    40 Billion Supply?

    Total circulating supply is 40 bil. It is possible that 4b isn't accounted for due to foundation holding these 4 bil originally which is 10% of total supply post swap.
  11. Marco

    CasinoCoin Chat Room

    Nothing they are around when necessary. But over all they are keeping low profile 😉
  12. Since you are new, welcome! As for now, csc is a stable coin 😛 there is currently no reason for it to up, and the reasons are coming but it needs more patience and time. No planned PR or marketing till BRM is out
  13. Marco

    H'ya ALL

    Welcome! I think I'm bit late here, already greeted you at discord 😛 right?
  14. Marco

    Any New Exchanges?

    I dont think it's written somewhere, however it is stated that BRM will have payment processor and that processor will handle exchanges and supplying the demand of csc from best exchange market price. So in theory , processor will choose from bests exchange to supply order by player if its sale or buy order.
  15. Yeah probably updated Q2 roadmap will be out in next 2 weeks. As per what Daniel said it will be out soon, or as fast as it can be out.