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  1. Hmmm, interesting. I lost over 2,000,000 coins as per this thread: I wonder if I can possibly recover them if the windows.old folder still exists...
  2. Ed101

    Keep your CSC safe

    Also, can someone please confirm, do we just need the private key backed up or do we need the entire .CasinoCoin folder to be backed up?
  3. Ed101

    Keep your CSC safe

    I think the main thing would be a message to stress the importance of backing up the private key during the installation of the wallet as well as the forced backup location.
  4. Ed101

    Keep your CSC safe

    The auto backup is useless in case of a hardware fault but still better than nothing. The best thing to do would be to backup the private key to a USB stick and store it away safely.
  5. Ed101

    Keep your CSC safe

    This ^^ Most of you will know I lost my coins recently. The issue I had is, when you install the wallet, it only allows to proceed after checking the "I have saved the password recovery passphrase or understand the consequences of not doing so". It doesn't mention the consequences of not backing up your private key. It may be common sense to most people but not all and I firmly believe the wallet creation should include this also. If you have a Ledger Nano (as I do), the recovery phrase is the ONLY thing required to retrieve your coins in case of a hardware fault. I believed the same would apply with the CasinoCoin wallet but I was wrong.
  6. It's a real shame because that wallet belongs to me and I paid my hard earned money for it 😞 I purchased the coins around 1 year ago and have waited patiently for the release of BRM. Timing couldn't be any worse as people are now expecting things to develop imminently and I don't have any fiat to buy more just yet. I wonder if @Daniel Keller can possibly do anything to help retrieve my wallet? Edit - ignore the above rant. Losing private keys seems to be a fairly common issue in crypto having researched similar issues on the Internet with no chance of recovery. I'll just have to buy again in small chunks and hope this thing doesn't take off until I've accumulated my initial value.
  7. I've already checked but the old .keys file isn't there. It has been replaced with the new .keys file associated to the new wallet which I installed after formatting the drive.
  8. Thanks @Zenkert and everyone for all your support. Im going to keep trying to recover ny data using as many different data recovery tools as possible. It's a shame all the software I've tried so far has only been able to recover data from today in C:/Documents/.CasinoCoin. I believe this is the default destination to where the keys are saved
  9. Just over 2 million which for me was a lot but a drop in the ocean for most. I guess I'll just have to re-invest and move on. Harsh lesson learned.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I've already installed Windows 10 and various data recovery softwares. I'll try your method to see if it helps. Thanks
  11. Thanks, I've already tried this software and am in the process of trying a few others. Because it was an SSD that was formatted, it's only recovering data from today. It doesn't seem to find any data prior to today. I'm keep trying though...
  12. I can see my balance here by entering my wallet address here: https://explorer.casinocoin.org/address/ Is there anything else at all anyone can recommend to retrieve them?
  13. I've just checked my emails and found the wallet address when I transferred coins from the exchange. Will this help in any way?
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply everyone. I'll check out the other threads. Totally gutted
  15. Hi guys, I had problem with my PC and formatted the hard drive. I had a backup of my passphrase but nothing else. Is there any way to recovery my coins? I've got a fair amount in my wallet and will be devastated if I'm unable to recover. Many thanks