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  1. Venom

    CasinoCoin Tokens

    The token fee for each transaction is now 0.25 CSC per transaction
  2. Venom

    Bitrue Coin

    17 days to go.
  3. Venom

    CSC Team Quotes

    is there any new ones of these does anyone know?
  4. Venom

    BRM Photos

    Nice design looks a lot better.
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffkauflin/2019/06/11/visa-targets-swift-with-new-blockchain-product-for-global-money-transfers/#11f46e7d3daa
  6. Venom

    My View On Cammegh

    1 year from now, things are going to look very different.
  7. Venom

    9 Sats

    Just an opportunity to buy more before more deals come out and use case really starts picking up.
  8. https://twitter.com/CryptoMania2017/status/1134611511631077377
  9. The CasinoCoin Chat Room This can be like Discord but on CSCchat
  10. EOY - 1M daily trade volume.
  11. Venom

    White Labeling CasinoCoin

    CasinoCoin got all areas covered. ✅
  12. 1 of 3. || "The technology would let players use a mobile wallet at slots. Players could transfer cash to the wallet within the casino or connect it to prepaid, credit or debit cards. Holding a smartphone by a sensor on the machine would let users log into their account and ... 2 of 3 || Khin said this saves players time and lets them skip fees and lines at ATMs and is a safer alternative to carrying hundreds of dollars in cash. "It’s revolutionizing the experience,” Khin said. “It’s removing the friction. … " 3 of 3 || "It’s revolutionizing the experience,” Khin said. “It’s removing the friction. … It’s almost like setting up a currency within the casino.”
  13. Should hear about token deal soon.
  14. Venom

    What Sat? EOY

    I said before $0.05 but I think they maybe a bit to high now. 100 sat's is half a cent. So I think that would be good for this year. Still a lot of news to come out so who knows.
  15. Had to make it. A new war Not sure how long this one will last.
  16. Getting listed on Biture will help boost CSC credibility. And after that it will be easyer to get listed on more exchanges. Plus the PR News that comes out, will add more greatness.
  17. Venom

    Making Some Waves

    CSC on Ripple Surges 200%
  18. Venom

    The World of CasinoCoin

    Europe and Asia right now, is the target market.