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  1. Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-accused-of-facilitating-illegal-gambling-what-are-the-odds
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    BRM Photos

    Source: https://casinocoin.org/brm/
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    How To Purchase CasinoCoin

    Nice post. Simple and easy.
  4. looking forward to this. First time both team members interviewed.
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    ICE London 2020 update

    Source: https://casinocoin.org/ice-london-2020-update/
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    Be the first to try The Bankroll Manager!

    Sign up here : casinocoin.org/brm/
  8. Now this is what i'm talking about.
  9. If you wanna trade USD or EUR Check out WhiteBit https://whitebit.com/trade/CSC_USD https: //whitebit.com/trade/CSC_EUR
  10. I think everyone can agree that CasinoCoin is starting to gain some traction, with the recent release of Cammegh Plus eGameingFund which has not gone live yet and also Crazy8 which we should here about soon. John Caldwell has said in Discord there should be still two more announcements to come this year.
  11. You will be able to buy CSC with Credit and Debt card in the BRM. But also send from an exchange. Its made for both crypto people and the everyday guy that just wants to gamble and have no interest in trading.
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    CSC On The Move

    @Marco @Chewiecoin @Toastedcoins this thread needs to be moved to trading area