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  1. Cammegh Crazy 8 eGameFund So from what we have been told one of the CasinoCoin partners will go live this Q4 My understanding is Cammegh are testing behind the scenes right now. eGameFund are also testing right now and you can join there discord and see the GFG app yourself. https://discord.gg/CY6cux3 Crazy 8. There is like zero information about them.
  2. Source : https://www.jackpot.co.uk/features/10-biggest-gambling-countries-in-the-world-by-the-numbers
  3. Venom

    Here we go BTC is up

    Any trolling and you will be banned.
  4. listings is on Tuesday or Thursday
  5. Venom

    eGamgingFund - GFG App

    Some of the games
  6. Who knows how it will play out.
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    0.006 EOY

    Looks like this ain't gonna happen.
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    What CSC needs right now

    Yes, no idea what happen to Power Piggy???
  9. Just a list that I made in no particular order of what I want to see happen in Q4 2020. Some may agree others may not agree. 1) CRNs go LIVE. As in they are running and working and supporting the network. 2 ) Exchanges. id like to see at lest 2 new exchanges this year. 3) Cammegh goes LIVE. As in its running and doing 100k tx a day volume on the CasinoCoin blockchain. 4 ) BRM usecase. As in the BRM is released with an operator using CSC in one of the methods set out by the CasinoCoin foundation.
  10. Cammegh on the NEWS! Wow!