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  1. KB Free

    Wallet Retrieval

    Hey there, I have only used a ledger with erc20s thus far in my freshman year of crypto and I'm new to desktop wallets. I would like to practice a wallet retrieval, so I know what to do in case my laptop breaks or something. I saved my key to my hard drive, then I copied it to my USB flash drive. I'm thinking I would like to try to retrieve my coins in my wife's laptop. Do I simply upload the Casinocoin wallet to her computer and then somehow paste the key from the flash drive into the new wallet? Sorry guys, I am also not very tech savvy.. And as far as a paper wallet goes, I think I'd like to generate one, but no printer at home.. would you suggest I just go buy one and getter done? Thanks in advance
  2. Wow I am a total buffoon.. I read through all of this and am having a bit of difficulty, as I have never done anything but use erc20s with a ledger for security.. I don't have a printer at home and am feeling leary about all these coins in my desktop wallet.. I copied the key on a USB stick, but I wouldn't know what to do with it I'm afraid if my laptop broke.. I have the key saved in my laptop, is that a bad idea? Also, where is the safest place to store all of these coins? Thanks in advance
  3. KB Free

    Let me get this straight..(try to, anyway)

    Thanks guys, cheers!
  4. Hey everyone, I am a new member, and I guess I just want to see if I have this down.. Casinocoin’s product, the Bank Roll Manager, is currently in a “Sandbox” testing phase in Malta, and when that is done, the Casinocoin Foundation can begin to try to market it to online casino operators, such as Dice and Big Game, and if it starts to get adopted, it’s game on.. Y/N? Thanks Oh and a question.. does EOS have anything similar to the BRM that connects all of its online casinos? Are there any other similar products out there? Thanks!
  5. Isn’t it highly probable that CSC will gain value simply through usage? Even with no new exchanges.. y/n?
  6. KB Free

    “Backend exchange in BRM” ?

    I heard there is going to be a “backend exchange” in the BRM, which will create a “seller’s market one day”.. any place this is written by the builders or foundation? Thanks