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  1. MegaNerd

    Vote CasinoCoin! Binance!

    I believe the main purpose of these voting schemes is to bring more attention to the exchange rather than actually getting a coin listed. Just list a coin. You dont need our votes to make an executive decision.
  2. MegaNerd


  3. MegaNerd


    Did this news come out of the blue or did we know CasinoCoin was in talks with Crazy8?
  4. MegaNerd

    Why did CSC price drop as well?

    Feel free to close this topic. I really was asking out of curiosity. I dont know why CSC couldnt have just remained around .0004 while the other coins crashed. Just because BTC crashes, doesnt mean CSC investors have to sell in fear. CasinoCoin's progress has nothing to do with whether or not BTC goes up or down. Thanks!
  5. MegaNerd

    Why did CSC price drop as well?

    I'd suggest that not everyone is as smart as you, but your comment clearly shows you're an arrogant bully. People shouldn't be embarrassed to ask a question here. So now, new people who may have been interested in signing up on CSCchat.com, may look elsewhere because you've clearly demonstrated this site not only supports bully responses, but has members who 'likes' reading intimidating posts. Great job!
  6. MegaNerd

    Why did CSC price drop as well?

    I believe so as well, yet dont understand the 'why'. How does CSC's price drop aka 'take a hit' just because BTC drops?
  7. If not many people know about CSC yet, and CSC volume is normally next to nothing right now on exchanges.. why did the CSC price drop yesterday and today during the mega drop caused by BAKKT? Was it simply CSC investors panic selling?
  8. MegaNerd


    Does buying GFG affect the CSC price? or is it like with XRP where the price wont really move until xRapid is up and running
  9. Youre saying you bought so much XRP you moved the price? I dont believe this. I am quite confident if people in here actually do make large sums of money, the last thing on their mind will be, "Better not sell too much so that I dont mess it up for others."
  10. Do you think CSC will be .005 or above EOY 2019? Just for fun to look back on next year. (anonymous voting)
  11. That is my worry. Are exchanges really going to be willing to release hundreds of millions of dollars all at once when people start cashing out?
  12. MegaNerd

    Hi CSCchat !

    Are you able to buy CSC right now at .0004? I've only been able to get .0005 unless I am looking at this wrong.
  13. Yes most will fail in time as could CSC. This is why we wait.