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  1. Did you ever create a Restore Point? do you have a folder thats missing information? can you right click on the folder and click 'Restore previous versions'?
  2. i wish you tried to reseat the HD and RAM first. These guys who work to 'fix' computers, especially at best buy are a bunch of 20-year old crooks. They charge an arm and a leg yet all they really do is run basic 'fix' software its windows, you said you tried /sfc in the command prompt. did you do it as an administrator? or course, who knows what these computer fix-it guys did so they may have made the situation worse. have you tried DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  3. MegaNerd

    Bitflip update

    hope you get them back and OFF the exchange. this could end up being one of those things in several years where it could have been $9.8 million lost
  4. MegaNerd

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    calm down it'll be ok i promise.
  5. MegaNerd

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    i get it. just saying. if you can lose a paper wallet you can just as easy lose a USB stick.
  6. MegaNerd

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    USB sticks crash all the time. thats why they're so cheap. paper wallet is the only way to go. besides, after you copy the keys to the USB, did you actually delete the clipboard with the command prompt? if not, those keys are floating around on your computer.
  7. MegaNerd

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    theres no blackout. its your computer. i agree the videos could look more professional. maybe you know... wear a suit. But for now CSC is so new and so few people know about it, its not even worth worrying about. these guys are super smart. If they can code CSC I'm sure they know to wear more appropriate attire as CSC begins to grow.
  8. hopefully the gift will be worth something day haha
  9. @Daniel Keller does anyone think any CSC bought from the old Cfinex exchange may somehow be compromised? i have no idea how of course.. just a worry. all my transactions appear of the csc ledger so I'm assuming I'm good.
  10. thats right thanks. haven't done it in a while. so go from the exchange to casino coin wallet
  11. what does CSC/XRP pair mean exactly? that you don't have to buy BTC first and that you can buy CSC with XRP? does it go the other way too? can you buy XRP with CSC?
  12. if you have 100,000 CSC and you want to sell for cash. right now you'd have to convert to BTC, right? 1. Can you sell CSC for BTC on Nuex and Stex? 2. if you can, can you get those newly bought BTC off the exchanges and into your Nano S? 3. Can you create paper wallets with Nuex and Stex?
  13. MegaNerd

    XRP buying back

    how do we know you actually sold? maybe you're trying to get unsuspecting people to sell in order to ruin their investment? haha
  14. is it solid state hard drive? that and.or the RAM might just need to be reseated. if you know how, open it up, unplug the SSD and RAM, press the power button. it will do nothing. plug the RAM and SSD back in and turn it on. turn it on before closing it up to see if it worked. make an antistatic bracelet if you're paranoid.
  15. its difficult now a days to really know. who's to say @DanBilzerian didn't create an account here because of a CSC issue and never saw a need to be here before? of course, you never know. maybe he's phishing to see who is computer literate for some reason to HACK OUR CSC!