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  1. Yes, good point. Thanks. Just like early BTC investors used to own 100,000 BTC. Which would have been worth TWO BILLION DOLLARS during the ATH.
  2. Im using the term 'crash' very loosely. I know several (many?) people in here and on Discord own endless millions (300 million and more) CSC. Right now, the price is low, but if and when the price goes up, its possible human nature might take over and someone may try to cash out 100 million dollars at once. If someone place a Sell Order for $100 million of CSC, and the liquidity was there, wouldnt it ruin (at least temporarily) the entire ecosystem of CSC and crash the price? And yes, every Sell needs a Buy, but that doesnt mean the price remains stagnant. In the stock market, Ive personally dropped the price of investments by dollars by selling for capital gains.
  3. MegaNerd

    Can CSC wallet be used to bypass BRM

    Could you use the BRM as a quick way to cash out CSC? Transfer CSC to the BRM Dont gamble at all, or gamble the very minimum if there is one Cash out to your bank account
  4. MegaNerd

    Monero payment ID

    right. i knew it was phased out or something. i stopped using monero a while ago. good luck!
  5. MegaNerd

    CSC Tip Bot

    of course! im not minimizing it. im just trying to make it easy to read so i can use it : )
  6. MegaNerd

    CSC Tip Bot

    Not sure who is in charge of the tipbot but could someone who runs it change the main font? "CasinoCoin is an open source...." https://www.csctipbot.com/ Its REALLY small and difficult to read for the older people here. i think its Helvetica Font which is hard enough to read as it is : ) nice job!!
  7. MegaNerd

    Monero payment ID

    If im not mistaken, didnt they get rid of the Payment ID as necessary back in 2018? Its a 64 digit number normally. Or on Binance, is there a deposit page which displays the Payment ID #?
  8. The important thing here is that Cammegh is always forward-thinking which is why to me its overwhelming they are associating themselves with Casino Coin. Their Triple Zero Roulette is a hit because its new and innovative. And yes, they have a massive footprint in Las Vegas. I was actually at the G2E las vegas show last year and saw their display. Cammegh is going to be at the 2019 expo and is already on the floorplan in yellow. I applaud the Casino Coin team for all their hard work.
  9. Casinocoin is an interesting project. love it!
  10. friend, i own more CSC than most not involved in the foundation and believe in this project 100%. im allowed to speak my mind. THANKS!
  11. Thats nice of them to update but wish theyd just update on monday and stop with this all to common crypto practice of announcing an announcement of an announcement. If people are impatient, four more days isnt going to hurt and besides, getting unexpected announcements come with much more excitement in my opinion. Chrsitmas gifts on christmas!... yeah, we know.
  12. MegaNerd

    What's the hold up?

    I tell myself its because the foundation is very small, consisting of just a few number of people. Because of this, on top of other reasons, its going to take time.
  13. MegaNerd

    Sleep mode in the Chat ?

    Everyone is beta testing being excited for the BRM.
  14. MegaNerd

    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell

    There are people in here with tens to hundreds of millions of CSC.