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  1. Not in a bad way, but the XRP community is no different than everyone else invested in other coins. We all want to be rich yet the truth is, only a few will due to a lot of luck, buying at the right time, and selling at the right time. There's no reason for DM Logic to have to post only pro-XRP videos.
  2. Yup. More often than not, joining forces with a newer company is more productive than trying to retrain a business into changing their methods. Saves time, energy, and money.
  3. I'm slightly skeptical with this, but just go with it.. its my personality. You're saying you bought CSC on an exchange, transferred them to your wallet, and was able to confirm the CSC were in the wallet by using the explorer (right? You checked your addresses on the explorer to confirm it went through?) You then checked today, and your CSC are no longer in your wallet? What do you mean by, "there is no record of my CSC" when immediately after you say, "I took screenshots of my wallet and the recorded transfers back then"? And what do you mean by, "the wallet I open today does not have the same account number"? Also, which wallet did you use? Include the webpage URL where you found the wallet to download. In the example below, you have TWO addresses. One is PUBLIC and starts with the letter C, circled in ORANGE...(you can share it with us) and the other is private (don't share with anyone). When you initially transferred your CSC from the exchange TO your wallet... you had to transfer them to a wallet address. Whats the PUBLIC address of your wallet, so we can see what might be going on here on the explorer?
  4. I try not to get too concerned as to when something will happen because, as the way things work, the second the BRM comes out, everyone will start wanting the next 'big thing' to come out...repeat endlessly. Things will happen when they happen. In the meantime, just hodl.
  5. Great point. Yes, I know position isnt everything. Im just pointing out things
  6. This is interesting. WhiteBit is in the top 100 of most volume out of all exchanges and ranked only 15 under BitStamp: https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/ 79 WhiteBit $25,280,342 WhiteBit is only $1.5 million lower in volume than Poloniex which has been around since 2014!
  7. for... CSC being listed? So can US people use WhiteBit? I had no problem signing up.
  8. Actually, I just signed up no problem. Where do you see US residence cant sign up?
  9. The US only makes up 4% of the world's population so it would be unreasonable to think that US residence will always be immediately included (not assuming you're thinking this). WhiteBit has to start somewhere, and being willing to list CSC is a huge step forward for everyone. There are plenty of other exchanges for US residence to buy CSC including NLexch, STEX, NUEX and Bitrue
  10. Busy, but not necessarily moving the price just yet. I just keep telling myself to have patience. Dont forget last year many CSC people expected the price to be around .01 by EOY 2019 and im sure in 2020 people will say the same thing for EOY 2020.
  11. I believe the main purpose of these voting schemes is to bring more attention to the exchange rather than actually getting a coin listed. Just list a coin. You dont need our votes to make an executive decision.
  12. Did this news come out of the blue or did we know CasinoCoin was in talks with Crazy8?
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