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  1. LexingtonStanley

    Varius World Tech - CSC Competitor?

    Varius World Tech (Official) https://t.me/VariusWorldTechUK Theres been no other activity, just scroll up a couple times
  2. LexingtonStanley

    Varius World Tech - CSC Competitor?

    Yup, id upload screenshots but cant work out how on here
  3. LexingtonStanley

    Varius World Tech - CSC Competitor?

    Yeah, how do i upload images to cscchat!? Can only see how to link
  4. LexingtonStanley

    Varius World Tech - CSC Competitor?

    No, they are copying the csc idea but it is just a hype scam, i asked a couple of questions in the telegram full of fake accounts and within a couple of hours the ceo said they had given up on the idea of crypto and were just developing a fiat wallet, so no competition at all, bitwin 2.0 also looks equally shite
  5. How xrp has reacted to who? You got a link?
  6. Online gambling was illegal in most states when csc was conceived so no real loss, when they finally pull their finger out and allow it in all states, it'll be great for csc
  7. LexingtonStanley

    Can this be competition to CSC?

    How would they deposit bitcoin without confirmations without exposing themselves to risk?
  8. Yeah sorry resalised you might of been talking about land casinos. I was talking about online, but there is talk of integrating into land based once the online has been set up, thatll be $10 CSC 😁
  9. ? Thats the whole point, it'll work slightly different to that, 40000 csc will be worth 40000$ when 1 csc is $1 but the brm will allow you to transfer csc in and out of different casinos instantly, the payment processor will be making market buys and market sells for each deposit via a backend exchange to negate any volatility, so its a sellers market and $1 is possible
  10. If we get partnered with the stars group...
  11. Theres a few other specific reasons too, like community relay nodes holding, operators holding, players holding, hodlers hodling, all reducing the available supply, and payment processor will be making market buys and sells for brm users in and out of each casino so its a sellers market, name your price 😉
  12. LexingtonStanley

    Is it possible - The Creator of CasinoCoin

    The guy holding almost 3mil is a member of discord, he was mining and holding since day1 i think, more likely the original creator cashed out long before the new foundation took it over, if he thought it wasnt going anywhere. Most of the supply was accounted for during the swap.