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  1. I dont know much about that, but Casinocoin isnt a ripple coin, they forked the XRP code and modified it so it's casinocoin code now, might not be compatible, but someone else will know more 😉
  2. Very few people hold that many coins, they probably have a lot of coins/money because they are patient people, its not in their interest to cash out all at once and crash the price and their profits when in a high liquidity network the bots usually refill the order books immediately, patience and responsible trading is the better and incentivised way to do it
  3. Bitrue have said they want to see community interest before they list, they previously said no to a listing due to a lack of interest but have received loads of messages and seen the progress the team is making, the team have said they are in talks with them. You can like, prey or jerk yourself off it makes you feel better but CSC hasn't hyped or over promised on anything. This is community action as the only request we get from new investors in the chat is new exchanges.
  4. For everybody asking for new exchanges, keep an eye on the bitrue official twitter page as they will be running a vote for listing CSC, Thanks
  5. The brm address is linked to kyc aml, casino will require a push of that information at each deposit, normal wallet wont provide it so transaction will be rejected
  6. Thats awesome news, must mean land based integration is on the cards and happening sooner than we think
  7. Yes he does, they dont have much to do with online gambling by the looks of it 👀
  8. Foundation do come on the discord chat quite often, last chat left us with that there's more going on than just Malta, IOM are running a sandbox and foundation said they were talking to operators, plus land based integration is always on the cards and csc as gas for other projects using the blockchain. Going to be worth the wait if you ask me 🤗
  9. Hi Pauline, welcome to the csc community, discord is a good place to chat too if you have any questions
  10. That price widget uses cmc and exrates exchange which is wash trading and spiking the price, but with no volume best to ignore for now, use delta app for price, ypu can add your transactions too and get running profit/loss
  11. The trick is to buy low! you waiting for lower prices or confirmation of an uptrend?
  12. For now it is, but its a really rubbish site, they wont update exchanges and last bull run they were manipulating circulating supplies to make it look like coins were pumping, they refused to update csc details for about 6 months and i saw loads of other communities complaining of the same, the new generation will be turned off them and sites like livecoinwatch or apps like delta/blockfolio will replace
  13. Wash trading on exrates, as far as i know very few coins have been sent there so their faking it, delta and blockfolio dont show the pumps, cmc is bad for crypto wont be around for ever
  14. The oculus visual block explorer... reckon thats an interactive 3d blockchain explorer or just the name?
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