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    OTC Buy 1 Sat

    There is a group of people willing to buy up to 1,000,000,000 CSC at 1 sat OTC If you want to join the buy, join discord to learn more. Join http://CasinoCoin.chat room #otc Why is this happening? Over the pass year there has been one whale that does 90% of the selling, this has been stopping any sort of up trend. ( That pump CSC had in April does not count as an uptrend) There's a seller with an insane amount of CSC that has been dumping coins at predictable intervals for months and months, and that has been driving the price down. Everyone knows when his dumps are coming, so no one is buying at market - why buy now when you can set a lower buy order and get more csc? This has stopped upward momentum with price. People have said one sat is coming for months, and now it's almost here. Large holders will continue to dump around this 1-2 sat area, believers in the project will continue to buy up the dumps and better distribute coins from the top wallets. Then, when news goes live near the EOY, we'll start to move up again. - Whiffincognito This is the whales account : https://explorer.casinocoin.org/address/cNeMtVepVmWbXcQVRH8nt6bG16bLQL41HX It says 158M but if you look deeper in the account it has been broken up in to small 50M wallets total amount 1.4b coins. If you want to join the buy, join discord to learn more. Join http://CasinoCoin.chat room #otc People have been following the sells here also :
  2. Just write : @CasinoCoin #CasinoCoin #CSC And something else about CasinoCoin! or add a CasinoCoin Picture!
  3. 8 days in to Q4 and people are sad...
  4. Source : https://casinocoin.org/casinocoin-foundation-updates-advisory-board-hires-head-of-operations
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    Gonna have to wait for usecase and more exchanges.
  6. https://www.cryptogamblingnews.com/egaming-fund-exclusive/
  7. https://www.intellectsoft.net/blog/blockchain-in-casino-industry/