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  1. Georg Fiechtl-Otter

    CSC XRPL-Trustline

    Thanks. Well that answers the copying of the early codebase and developing it further on their own way. Still no clues on how they actually issued CSC with the code which would be interesting. In theory you need to add code which creates an amount of an asset and parks it into a wallet, then remove that code again. But that’s just the theory and probably sounds more easy than it actually is.
  2. Georg Fiechtl-Otter

    CSC XRPL-Trustline

    Would be interesting to know (tech-wise) how to issue a new asset with the codebase of the XRPL without trustline tho.
  3. Georg Fiechtl-Otter

    CSC XRPL-Trustline

    Oh. I didn’t know that you can just take the ledger codebase, run custom nodes which don’t connect to the original and issue your own asset on it. Thanks for clarification. (I was reading a few files of the XRPL code on github, did some research and couldn’t figure out how to issue an custom asset without trustline, so I thought it’s simply not possible.)
  4. Georg Fiechtl-Otter

    CSC XRPL-Trustline

    Hello there, I saw on twitter quite a few posts which say that CSC is based on the XRP-tech. So based on those statements I figured that CSC might be a trustline on the XRPLedger. (?) If that’s correct, does someone know it’s trustline Address ? I could not find it during my research. All I find is the official wallet of CSC and the exchanges where you can buy it. But if it’s a trustline it should be possible to add CSC to a native XRP wallet (e.g. toastwallet etc) and buy it directly on the XRPLedger via XRP/CSC conversation. Any clues on that topic ? Greetings~