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  1. Sent from uphold @ 1311 Eastern standard time. BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTION ID. from uphold @ 1312 Incoming transaction to cfinex @ 1347 Conf.#1 and 2 ..1410 Funds (btc) avail. 1422 Hope this helps.
  2. If an acquired coin is held for more than 12 months without a trade being made, then the profit earned is no longer taxable. The winnings can then be fully paid upon sale or payment with cryptocurrencies. If the minimum retention period of one year, however, falls below, a tax must be paid on the profit accordingly. In the case of a sale within the one-year holding period, an exemption limit of 600 euros applies in the year in question - this does not only apply to crypto transactions, but to the entirety of the sales transactions during this period.
  3. Good question...I've asked that to myself a few times 🙂
  4. https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/08/22/bancor-exchange-signs-agreement-to-list-crypto-casino-coins/
  5. Bulls??.... only whales in here LOL
  6. Sorry if I crossed a line. I did try to read the rules and really didn't see any a couple days ago.
  7. Have we doubled bottomed yet at 7sats???
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