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  1. 100M might make u a millionaire in a few years if this can get to a penny
  2. Lol eazy peazy.. Just gotta let this ship sink some more and not fomo like the big buyers recently screwing up our sell wall building at 5
  3. Patience lol dont get all excited bc 1 buyer snatched them 5s up.. 4s been getting filled routinely lol this will def get to 3 sats.. I think 2s are not out of this realm. Good luck out there yall
  4. Im on a phone.. At the top of the screen it says start new topic.. Once u click that you are given the choices i listed.. No price speculation.. I can see that by moving around and seeing it under general.. But not if i just simply hit start new topic.. Either way.. Ppl need to relax a bit lol
  5. For everyone getting upset that its not in the right place lol im given the options of posting in Press, General, technical, problem solving, and alts... I picked what i thought this would go under.. General lol hilarious ppl get so worked up over where a post is made lol
  6. Set them buy orders at 2 sats... Then dump em at 3 for a 50% gain..
  7. What an inciteful video full of gems from a guy who doesnt gamble online. Im sold, filling my bags now 👍
  8. XRP

    How many CSC owners ?

    Not sure how i got 80% last night lol the whiskey must have been proper.. 60 is much better than 80 obv.. Ill set my buy at 3 sats and hope for the best
  9. XRP

    How many CSC owners ?

    Those 50 accounts gonna keep flipping back n forth like 5 and 6 sats and 7 and 8.. Collecting 10+% gains from the impatient and then buying back the sellers getting impatient.. Lol printing money
  10. XRP

    How many CSC owners ?

    50 wallets contain 80% of the coins lol this is dead money boys.. Im sure they might pump it a time or 2 offloading.. But you guys are insane thinking this has any chance going over 1c.. Hell 1c imo is ludicrous
  11. XRP

    Problem with wallet activation

    Hopefully its just a temp problem on stex brother.. How much u have stuck? Hopefully nothing crazy, hope it all works out for you. Try emailing their support?
  12. XRP

    Problem with wallet activation

    You need to send more than 20 csc..
  13. @Tarek Saad good effort thou and interesting read.. Just understand the yearly volume numbers are not as important to the price as the daily volume, daily demand vs floating supply
  14. @Chris you are right.. OP calculated scenarios of csc capturing "yearly" percentage of gambling volume and calculated price.. The method he used would only make sense if you were able to break it down to a weekly or even daily volume bc of the points you mentioned players coming in and out. The price of csc would have to be 100% adopted on 100% of the platforms to even sniff these targets imo... Even if platforms begin to accept this as an option, the time it takes players to realize its benefits and move over might take a very long time as well. Bc its a complete paradigm shift of not gambling with fiat but now gambling with a crypto.. When we all know simply holding a crypto can be gambling lol which some will like but the vast majority this will take some getting used to IF they ever even come around.
  15. XRP

    Why is there no CSC/USD?

    Im guessing it comes down to simply demand.. The brm is what would give csc this pairing thou if everything works out.