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  1. Toastedcoins

    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    Sorry you’re having those issues, I’ve been lucky it’s nlexch. He’s on discord if you ever need, he’s very responsive. Regarding the time sync, is the time of your device off? Do you use that 2fa device for other sites? Does it work on those?
  2. Toastedcoins

    Creating CSC price email/SMS alerts

    @Marco created the android price widget one
  3. Toastedcoins

    CSC Exit Strategy..

    It was mentioned in one of the fireside chats that CSC will have a processor which will process Fiat -> CSC in the BRM wallet. So you will be able to purchase CSC directly from the wallet. no other details were provided. Its still open how the processor will facilitate the buying and selling and if there will be an option in reverse to go from CSC -> Fiat EDIT - Thats two questions. 1 - about the tax and 2 about cashing out aspect. I would assume its the same like everything else, people have their targets at X price to sell Y%.
  4. Toastedcoins

    CSC Exit Strategy..

    @meganerd there is a processor that will allow Fiat -> CSC there is no confirmation for yes or no about the processor allowing CSC -> Fiat but thats in the future i believe
  5. Toastedcoins

    CasinoCoin Wallet Disappeared! HELP!

    You mentioned it was a work PC. Who knows if someone made some changes to your computer while you were away. Could have been some company software or update. Glad you made backups I dont know if I would trust a computer thats not mine though.
  6. Toastedcoins

    Malta Blockchain Summit


    I’m not sure, maybe @Daniel Keller or @John Caldwell can help explain that.
  7. Toastedcoins

    Malta Blockchain Summit

    https://maltablockchainsummit.com/agenda/ John Caldwell will be speaking https://maltablockchainsummit.com/speakers/
  8. Toastedcoins

    Do I need a personal purse offline and you?

    I’m not sure I understand correctly what you are asking. can you please rephrase it?
  9. Toastedcoins

    CSC and Nano S

    At the moment the wallet for the nano s is being developed by the foundation. As far as I am aware, currently there is no ledger approved wallets for the nano s.
  10. This is a recording of a live Q&A with John Caldwell, CasinoCoin's Director that was held on Zoom, on Monday, August 13th, 2018. Members of the CasinoCoin community joined the chat and asked various questions about how Ash joined the team, the biggest challenges facing CasinoCoin, the future plans and roadmap.
  11. No offense taken. Thats why I posted the code on github if you wanted to do it yourself. 😉 You can also do what @RonSwansonsuggested and disconnect from the internet completely as well.
  12. Toastedcoins

    Roll Call - CarloRossi in Attendance

    Hi @aroop im away so I apologize for not replying sooner. I am back next week the code was forked from xrp tipbot. I will make changes to show that more prominently on the front end of the current tipbot. the code for the current version is available on GitHub https://github.com/DannyNoam/xrptipbot i did not develop it, Danny did. I just started the bounty and I pay for the server costs that host that and the paper wallet generator