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  1. Just seems like with all the progress being done with casinocoin, the announcement of a payment processor and the fact that the sandbox test is going live soon, there should be an increase in the price of csc. These was a brief one 10 days ago but now, people are selling at 6 sats, witch is lower than most people paid during the last months relative to bitcoin price. Just wondering the reason why that would be other than some people being broke and needing money.
  2. I had 7 transactions in my wallet, all deposits, and I was waiting on the #8 deposit to show up so I refreshed the wallet and the first 5 transactions disappeared and only the last 3 were showing and the total balance was showing and accurate. I then refreshed one more time and this time, the balance went to zero. After closing the wallet and reopening it, the balance now shows but only the last 3 transactions are showing. If I input the address of the wallet on the casinocoin explorer, all 8 transactions shows with the normal balances. I tried the same thing with a test wallet in another location with a better internet speed and same thing happened as the other one except that all transactions disappeared but everything shows on the explorer. So, it's not the internet connection that is the problem. Is refreshing the wallet suppose to erase the transactions to make room for new ones? I am using a macbook pro with a 10.10.5 yosemite system. Thanx
  3. I know it won't happen till later in 2019 but just wondering when you guys are ready to list CSC on bigger exchanges; 1- Will you give a notice to the members a while before so we can open accounts with those new exchanges? ( the process sometimes take a while) 2- Do you plan on still listing CSC on the current 3 exchanges we have now when you do that? Thanx
  4. So I just read this thread; So, basically, the foundation will issue custom token to larger casinos that want to join in but want to have their own custom tokens and they will have to buy those tokens from the foundation using CSC. 1- Once those custom tokens are created and sold to casinos, will people be able to buy those custom tokens via fiat through the BMR or only through CSC? 2- Will these custom tokens be traded on cypto platforms or use exclusively for those casinos that created them? 3- This will be a little bit like the ico's that were created through the ethereum blockchain? 4- Will CSC still be the main token offer and used by most other operators? Just trying to figure this out. I have read through the entire forum and didn't come across anything mentioning custom tokens being created for different casinos before I saw that video. Thanxs
  5. I just finished listening to this video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVXAq2enQq8 titled; "Casinocoin road map Q1 2019". There is mention of a new token wallet that is coming soon to accommodate other tokens than CSC. Will those tokens be from operators joining in but not wanting to use CSC and using their own coins instead as mentioned in the video? So, CSC will be the main token promoted to operators but they will have the option to have their own? Just wondering. thanx
  6. Who would the payment processor be? They would need to hold large amounts of CSC's. They would need to then trade it with an exchange after?
  7. With all the talks about XRP being drag to court about the security/currency issue and the SEC cracking down on the ICO's, just want to make sure this won't happen with Casinocoin. I am pretty certain that the CSC wouldn't be classified as a security. Any reason we should worry about this?
  8. Thanx for the link blackjack. Good post by honeybite. There is talk about the ability to purchase CSC from US dollars when the BRM comes out. What would be the process for doing that? Would that be from the same exchanges as now(nuex and stex)?
  9. I have read that about 100 wallets own about 80% of all CSC’s. You can see in the oder books the large amounts they own and the high price they are asking for. Just wondering if this could be a problem if Casinocoin eventually start to get popular and in demand in the future. 1- There would be a need for liquidity and if these holders decide to get greedy and not release the coins under a certain high inflated price, would that cause a problem? 2- The coins would need to get traded on larger platforms like binance for everyone to easily access them witch could create price manipulation and wild swings by these large holders? A currency like xrp would suffer less from price swings as banks and business using it would hold it for only a few seconds and probably source it from large exchanges but for casinocoin, someone cashing his paycheck on the weekend to go gamble may not want to gamble even more by holding an unstable cryptocurrency for an extended length of time and the casinos won’t want to hold it either. I was thinking the more stable the coin is in the future, the better it would be for everyone involved? Maybe the casinos will want to release their own “stable” coins in the future to ensure there is no wild price fluctuations? Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on that topic. Thanx