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  1. Deividas

    CSC not a security

    CSC has two main things those answering a question is it security or not. 1. No ICO 2. Non profit organisation. These two main factors makes CSC NOT A SECURITY!
  2. Deividas

    We are not far from BULLS?

    Agree, past especially on Alt coins was based on hype and whales manipulation (due small market cap). Actually manipulation still the case and even with a bigger whales Future will be based on use cases. Sure hundreds or even thousands alt coins will be wiped out but at the same time technology will not go anywhere away and new coins will be coming to the market each year and etc. However DA market must grow and must grow a lot. This is because the bigger market the stable and less manipulated it is. Just when we reach that stage the people and the whole worlds will start benefit from this Historical changing technology. So for the sake of all, future and not just because of quick profit, we need DA market to become bigger, stronger and more stable with more use cases and developments. Once that happens usability will be adopted, developed. We are early adopters. I believe technology itself will explode in the next 10 years and the ones who hold through these wild west will benefit the most. I wish you the same
  3. Deividas

    We are not far from BULLS?

    Also history likes to repeat.
  4. Deividas

    We are not far from BULLS?

    It cant go down all the time you know? All that comes down rises up and opposite. Thats's a cycles of life.
  5. The last time RSI of Bitcoin was at such a level it was at 2015 just before bulls started. We might be really close to market turn.
  6. Deividas

    What other coins do you have?

    My holdings are approx XRP (70%), CSC (15%). Another 15% is a mix of TRX, VET, EOS, NEO, MANA, XLM. However coins in this mix contains small percentages like 1%-3% each. I wonder if BTC drops down to $2000 I might add some BTC. I believe BTC will have value in Crypto market not for use case as others, but more like crypto precious metal asset. Looks like I'm not holding it at all
  7. Deividas

    Roadmap Video Q1 2019

    Totally agree
  8. Yes seen this but it's more about USB sticks and from a video I got a feelling that Nano S is to expensive
  9. @Daniel Keller any plans to add CSC wallet to Ledger Nano S? Would be really good option.
  10. Deividas

    CSC Team Quotes

    haha, ok here it is.
  11. Deividas

    NUEX has added Live Chat Support

    Just to let all know as some people asked me to inform how this ends. All sorted with Nuex for a little fee of 50000 CSC they have returned the rest back. I want to thank all for their help.
  12. Deividas

    Average Buying Price

    thank you 🙂