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  1. www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/02/13/jp-morgan-is-rolling-out-the-first-us-bank-backed-cryptocurrency-to-transform-payments--.html
  2. “Malta is one of only four countries on this list that are part of the Schengen Area, and one of only three that are also part of the European Union. Malta has developed some of the EU’s most tax-friendly programs for both individual residents and corporations, with corporate tax rates as low as 5% possible for non-resident companies.” https://nomadcapitalist.com/2017/07/26/low-tax-countries-living-europe/
  3. CryptonizeMe

    CSC XRPL-Trustline

    Removed due to incorrect info
  4. CryptonizeMe

    Creating CSC price email/SMS alerts

    Dont forget we have a great price widget for mobile. Can be found in the app store.
  5. CryptonizeMe

    IDEA's for CSC CLUB!

    A bit of upward price action is needed to make our dreams come true. If we hit 1$ we can buy a car, house or even castle with private csc hodlers club. https://youtu.be/hGAP2vf0WwE
  6. CryptonizeMe

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    Great job! Suggestion: https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000475411-How-do-I-submit-a-token-to-Bittrex-for-listing-
  7. CryptonizeMe

    Checking CSC balance online

  8. Maybe rather try and have a look at the csc explorer and figure out if influx in cfinex and alcurex can determine price movement
  9. Not sure if I understand the question 1.you can see the historic CSC volume here:https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/CasinoCoin-CSC 2.volume price increase is silly equation as prices are determined by demand and supply and any cross coin equation will neglect coin specific features (e.g. total supply, pow etc.) and demand supply structure. 3. Revenues online casinos might be interesting. Should be able to find that as there are depending on the jurisdiction legal obligations to publish annual reports.
  10. CryptonizeMe

    Exchanges by 2020?

    FAQ section on Casinocoin.org: What exchanges can you trade CasinoCoin on?Trading is currently available on NLexch, Cfinex and BitFlip. We hope to add CasinoCoin to more exchanges in the near future. Nb. At this time still havent seen big moves in Foundation wallet as a signal new exchange listing is imminent. see #Announcements http://nl.tinypic.com/r/af8v3o/9
  11. CryptonizeMe

    Who is funding "CasinoCoin Foundation"?

    Watch the fireside chats with John they are clear about the core team and their personal investments. Some of Foundation members have day jobs to cover cost of living and some are "all in" on CSC without being paid!
  12. CryptonizeMe

    Introductions..... Where's everyone from?

    Netherlands - Almere. Great to be part of this community. CSC is one of only a few coins with a usecase I believe in. Appreciate all the hard work done by the Foundation and enthousiastic members to get the product out and spread the word. Hope to meet some of you after moon lambo😉
  13. CryptonizeMe

    Where is Cfinex located?

    Here is a basic review.: https://www.cryptowisser.com/exchange/cfinex/ It used to be Alcurex. Apparently still same owner. Found about Alcurex online: ""Alcurex is owned by a company called Blakee Holdings Ltd. We could not find out much about this company, except that it is “Trustable middle man for B to C and B to B property holding.” Obviously English is not a mother tongue. Not that this is a problem, of course. There is no information about the company location either. According to posts in Bitcointalk of Alcurex, it is going to be incorporated either in Belize or Estonia, with preference to Estonia. It does not become clear where the company is incorporated."