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    Welcome to the forum @Hashish
  2. Those of us in here at 5 Sats are already at 3x. But I for one am HODLing for at least $0.50 The video above illustrates how getting in early can make for some significant gains. Not financial advice to be sure... and only invest what you don't mind losing. But, if it were me (and it is) after covering all my bases.... spare fiat is going into this rocket ship of a project. BTW - whatever happened to @50centCSC ? He did some great vids.
  3. just for old times sake. I know you're not a fan of gifs @777 but I do believe this last few days deserves at least one green goddess gif.
  4. Anyone changing their predictions?
  5. Cannot wait to add some more to this post at the top. BiTrue looks like it will be the next.
  6. $0.01 would be pretty awesome. But in 3 years time folks will look back on these discussions and prices and amounts being bought and wish they'd have known about CSC (I hope). Bought in at 4 sats, moar at 5, 6 and 7 and will buy more today.
  7. Can't wait for the BiTrue listing. Double Moon.
  8. I think it could go to 18 or 20 within the next few days. But feet firmly on the ground. The good thing is that the lack of exchanges listing it currently has kept it pretty low.... The exchanges listing it were off the radar. As that changes and as exchanges start competing and wanting to list coins that users want listed it can only get better (IMHO). Sure there will be some dumping and profit taking, but we'll be at a higher base I believe. 2021 is the first time I'll even bother to think of price. I'm in for the ride and a long HODL
  9. CSC Chat Members on Twitter Please let us know your Twitter handles and I will add to the top post so that new members can also reach out on Twitter too. @NKHund | @nickhund @RegalChicken | @RegalChicken @Chewiecoin | @Chewiecoin @Daniel Keller | @daniel_wwf @CarloRossi | @CarloRossi_777 @Deividas | @deividas_csc @Benchmark | @GlobalBenchmark @therippening | @rippening @truthbot1666 | @truthbot1666 @DividendGamer | @_Varkeer @CSCFTW | @DominicRozari15 Note: If anyone wants me to remove their names above please let me know. Any additions please reply and we will keep the list above updated.
  10. Thanks for the feedback @777
  11. What has been your experience with Nuex? UPDATE: I have had great support this morning from Nuex. Based on the experience I have had this morning I can state categorically they are a good exchange to buy / trade CSC on.
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