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  1. CarloRossi

    Introductions..... Where's everyone from?

    Great to have you here LTTM 🙂 I just went back to UK recently to Manchester to see my folks. Got to see the first MU match of the season too.... better than we played yesterday....
  2. CarloRossi

    Introductions..... Where's everyone from?

    Cool brother.... I lived in Covington, KY over the river for a year between 1987 and 1988. Know Cincinnati very well and would love to get back there one day for a visit. Got my name on a brick in the wall (sponsor) near the stadium there.... haha
  3. Without too much personal info being given.... where is everyone from? Since not that many folks are posting int he NEW MEMBERS area, I thought I'd just post a thread to get a little more acquainted. I live in Texas.... but originally from Manchester, UK. Just got my US Citizenship earlier this year after being here for 15 years. Father of 4 - HUGE UFC fan, Manchester United Fan and heavy into my cars.... I run several marketing agencies and hosting companies and in essence doing that since 1993/94 when I finished up my PhD and this new thing called the Internet came about. I couldn't face being stuck in a lab any more so went about making websites for folks. 24 years later still doing the same thing 🙂
  4. CarloRossi


    Yeah see em now. I was going back too many pages.
  5. CarloRossi


    I'm with you on the 5 sat order. Mine has been there for 2.5 days though now.
  6. CarloRossi


    Ugh - did I miss some? Sorry - if I did. I would have PM'd you about it if I did see anything... Apologies. I went quite a few pages back but didn't see any NSFW content. EDITED: Update- ugh now I see them just one page back. @honeybyte are you making this private then?
  7. CarloRossi

    How we doing?

    How we doing? As of August 27th 2018 @ 8pm EST: 182 Members 76 Most Members Online At Any One Time 1709 Posts That's pretty amazing in such a short time and for a DA only on 1 or 2 small exchanges. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! YOU"RE ALL AWESOME. I know the foundation and the team behind CSC have been working away at networking, building relationships and developing the BRM and the network of validators. They've been working on building this for years... not just the last 6 months. And many of the Discord community members have been along for a lot of that time too. So, the CSC Chat community can help out too.... Let's all tell a friend (or 7), tell a colleague, do a tweet, share a post on social.... By EOY I fully suspect, like @jasperlite and @oso had also stated (and @oso had bet!!) - we will see huge increases.... if not by then, soon after. I'm in this for the long haul, so it really doesn't bother me where we are by EOY - but I feel great about this investment choice and the potential here. GO CSC!! Let's get the word out and get some new members here!!
  8. CarloRossi


    I was thinking Fruitkini.
  9. CarloRossi


    hmmm. The struggle is real. Guess it depends on the size of the respective stashes. I'm on a CSC binge right now - 5 sats tastes quite nice.
  10. CarloRossi


    5 Sat Order Come to me my little beauty!!
  11. CarloRossi


    For example, this bikini post is ok:
  12. CarloRossi


    The CSCCeppening is a public club and as such I wouldn't advise Bikini pics ( with a human body inside of it 🙂 ) or posts containing anything that you may feel might cause NSFW to be shouted out. I think if it is a PRIVATE CLUB and it is clearly noted as a pinned post about what is acceptable, or what crosses the line then that would be the way forward. However, I am only a tech / infrastructure / website hosting assistant.... Best ask @honeybyte about this.
  13. You wear pants now?
  14. CarloRossi


    With you... Just bought at 7 Sats Let the Frenzy begin.