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    VET and VTHO

    In what way do you mean "you left"? You sold your VET? My guess is good as yours but that is the thing. With some cryptos there is no guessing. There was before, maybe, but not anymore. There is just loyal, hard working team which ALREADY has working product and use-case and are implementing it as we speak. VET hodlers are in same position as XRP holders. They keep getting bashed by BTC ignorance and spreading FUD everywhere they can. And 99% of those fudsters and maximalist resort to same defence mechanisms like blocking you on media or just saying pure nonsense. CSC would be in the same boat here but for now it is flying way below the radar. They are all threatened by speed, use-case, scalability, security and support. And as I said before. Look at what those Cryptos that are for "free world and economy" are looking like now. We have few rich Individuals that are controling huge majority of hash rate and are preparing not to attack BTC and each other, but alts also. Craig, Roger Ver and others. Those coins are everything but decentralized and for the people.
  2. DedSec

    VET and VTHO

    Yeah, sry. Noticed date of posting now... But still, dont worry over spikes especially in crypto...
  3. DedSec

    VET and VTHO

    Nothing special really... Thing is in crypto you need to constantly read news and be in grasp with many cryptos (BTC and others) not just the ones you are holding. I don't know why are you so spooked about crash and why is this post named VET and VTHO like they are the only assets that plunged in last 12h. 99% of cryptos are still following BTC price swings and charts. And you can see that BTC dropped around 10% and took others with it. This all is not even in crawl phase. Bitcoin needed to go near 20k $ for 1% of people to even hear about it. Not to mention that that 1% of people who heard for BTC and crypto last year, probably forgot about it. Less than 0.1% of people is invested in XRP, there are few hundred in CSC, nothing. Don't know much about VTHO but VET is like XRP. Coin,no, digital asset that has huge use case and is ALREADY implemented and in use in real-world and keeps adding to the differnet utilities but keeps getting bashed by BTC and "Shatoshi Vision" Maximalist who are ignorant and very biased. Don't worry about VET, they are like XRP, CSC, TRON and few others, only ones that actually have working products, real-life partnerships and are being tested and used right now as we speak. Price now doesn't matter at all... Few years down the road, at least 1$ is inevitable (for VET)... And about price drop. Whole BTC community and its forks are preparing to launch personal, ideological AND hash war between them. There is nice summary of what is going on here https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/when-fork-forks-what-you-need-know-bitcoin-cash-goes-war/ It is funny how coins BTC ,BCH which are so biased and are ones that are "for people" are going to war because individuals and their egos which pockets are as full as those of "bankers" that they so much hate. There is a chance that BCH fails into oblivion , depending on how this war will end starting today...