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  1. yes but that was not enough for listing i guess.
  2. between 50 and 200 in July by the first announcement between 100 and 750 by end 2019 with the implementation of the real use case.
  3. ap89

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    then how is possible that on the official website (first Page > down) of CSC they write : "The CasinoCoin Foundation is pleased to announce that CSC is now listed on cryptocurrency exchange Exrates, one of the top 30 exchanges by trade volume, according to CoinMarketCap." ?!!?
  4. ap89

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    https://casinocoin.org/ Yes They Did.
  5. ap89

    Exchanges and BRM

    Brm + Fiat = X Fiat + Binance =Y X= Csc Y=Binance X + Y = my new island + Lambo........ i love it
  6. ap89

    Member 300 welcome Bonus

    cfPJpcrpj2RttzG59DSdW67AHZg9jbu38T thx