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  1. Does anyone know what phase 2 would look like?
  2. CSC fan

    Malta Blockchain Summit


    It says John is a Co-founder of crypto gaming services. What is that about? http://cryptogamingservices.com is this website linked to him? Sounds a lot like what casinocoin can do. Am I missing something?
  3. Not saying they are a competition at all. Just showing that a major fantasy and sports betting site in the USA is getting on the crypto train. This competition last all American football season. I obviously wish this was a CSC partnership but anything that bring more awareness to crypto the better.
  4. https://www.ccn.com/fantasy-sports-giant-fanduel-partners-with-dash-for-crypto-cup/
  5. So this is a little play off of the price prediction topic. I am curious what price would CSC have to reach for you to sell off say 90% of your holdings. I understand many people are going to sell off at various points based on price or time. I'm just trying to find out what everyones numbers would be if CSC would experience the major bull rush that XRP did at the beginning of this year. Once again I understand that CSC investment should be a long term strategy but if it hit big numbers fast, when would you sell? For me it would be $2. If CSC hit $2, I would pretty much sell 90% immediately. That would put me into early retirement and fully enjoying life with no work. I look forward to hearing from everyone.
  6. https://5star.media/2018/08/03/stars-group-resorts-casino-hotel-partner-enter-new-jerseys-online-sports-betting-market/
  7. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/boyd-gaming-fanduel-group-announce-strategic-partnership-300690632.html