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  1. Please send the correspondents from the police. I can't wait to see the report to the FSC. If you invest the same amount of time as your police phone call to looking on the floor in the car park you'd probably find 4 dollars quicker. Peace 🤩
  2. Is this serious, you deposited less than 4 dollars and wonder why it hasn't been processed. Is this correct?
  3. Thewish


    Good. No issues, for me! 🙂
  4. Thewish

    Hello everybody

    Welcome to the light!
  5. Awesome read. Might just wanna edit to John Caldwell. 'David Caudwell, of the CasinoCoin foundation was in Vegas recently in discussions surrounding this"
  6. Thewish

    High Risk, High Reward.

    Agree, sadly like every coin people expect to be millionaires overnight, with this it generates bull £#¥@& comments, these are the people who think the tail wags the dog. People don't like it, leave and sell. Please.
  7. Thewish

    CAN THE BRM be released already

    Is this Aragon International casinos? Karamba etc?
  8. Im a little confused then as your title is 'What Type Of Games Will Be On The BRM' this in itself is incorrect so what exactly do you mean?
  9. BRM is NOT a platform with games on it.
  10. Thewish


    Without doubt
  11. Yeah sounds like a 5yr old put it together
  12. Thewish


    I was referring only to the difference in csc not the air drop. The airdrop value is 0.0000425664. I don't see how that fee is unfair at all? But yes if stex were to be doing that clearly the would be a bigger issue.
  13. Thewish


    You know your discussing 0.035604 cents don't you....
  14. Thewish

    So how is Casino Coin doing thus far?

    Absolute not. Casino coin is still on track and are waiting for MGA. The doors are ready to be blown off come the new year 🙂