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  1. Csc hodler in the usa. Twitter can suck my balls
  2. FatMatt

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!

    Got it! Thanks again๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚
  3. FatMatt

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!

    Sorry @Ermac ,I haven't had time to chat lately. Thank you for running this contest, it's cool to see the community get together and do fun things like this. The way I see it, I just won 25 grand! I plan on hanging on for the long haul. Look forward to more contests like this. Thanks again! cUyQXbRS8KtgnUsQZfrZXU6B5ahgyaUmWM
  4. Has anyone heard of bitcoin lite (btcl)? Stumbled accross it yesterday, it keeps going up while bitcoin and everything else has gone down today. Is it a bitcoin fork? Seems like it just hit the market. I am relatively new to crypto and any info anybody has would be awesome. I've looked everywhere but cant really find much info. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. FatMatt

    CSCCrazy or CSCSain

    We are all only just as crazy as all of the bitcoiners that cashed out on the first wave. I'm sure all their friends and family said they were crazy and look at how that worked out, they are all rich! Crazy rules the world we live in. FILL THEM BAGS BOYS AND GIRLS!
  6. FatMatt

    Bitflip, follow the coins

    Hi Daniel, thank you for doing everything you can to recover our csc, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the team at casino coin has our back! I have 223,995 csc stuck on shitflip, its been "pending" for 10 days now. I am new to everything crypto but learning quickly, i think this is the address you requested: 1Jziq2YXfwfz6fa9NnZndzCKEqE6381U7J . This was the address my btc was sent to and then i bought csc with that. Hope that helps. On a brighter note; i've had no problems at all with Stex. Got my first million csc tucked away safely in my casino coin wallet and plan to have many more! Thanks again to Daniel and the team at casino coin, you guys rock!
  7. FatMatt

    Do NOT use bitflip to buy CSC

    You are right, I am new to this. I thought I had done my research with bitflip, seemed to be a reputable exchange, didnt have any complaints regarding withdrawals that I could find, seemed to be a good choice. I'm new but not totally stupid, I did only buy a small amount from them in case something like this happened. So, I consider this a relatively cheap learning lesson. I've been using stex for my csc purchases and immediately withdrawal to my casino coin desktop wallet. No issues of any kind with stex so far. I'm in this for the long haul so I'm not too concerned about how long bitflip takes to withdraw my csc as long as it happens. I'm just hoping that others see this thread before using bitflip.
  8. FatMatt

    Do NOT use bitflip to buy CSC

    Buying the coins was easy and fast, withdrawing them is a different story. I'm still waiting, 7 days and counting. Contacted bitflip and they tell me the same thing they tell everyone " technical difficulties, wait please". Terrible exchange. Casino coin please remove csc from bitflip, they dont deserve to sell csc.
  9. FatMatt

    Do NOT use bitflip to buy CSC

    Hello fellow csc hodlers. This is my first response/posting and sadly I am also at the mercy of bitflips terribly slow withdrawal process. Luckily I only have several hundred thousand csc stuck on their exchange, sorry wdbi 10 mil stuck on shitflip you must be pulling your hair out right now. I've only been waiting 4 days at this point but I bought and withdrew from stex in about 2 minutes. I'll contact bitflip and hopefully deal with it soon enough. The reason I'm posting here is to make sure that nobody else wastes their time with bitflip. Clearly an inferior exchange. Use Stex !