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  1. Cscbeliever

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!

  2. Well i defently should Sold some but i learn and i hurt to lose money crypto break is the Best way to hodl looking Charts etc is realy Hard and y invest only what you can afford to lose but losIng money is always Hard even if you know thAT IT could happen
  3. Well its more a no because i bought much higher feel littlr depressed crypto is very Hard of you investet in aths and Not now
  4. What 500€ 😣 for me IT costs 3x more for the Same amount i hope krypto recover and sandbox test went well
  5. Cscbeliever

    Let's talk about: Wallets

    Toastwallet https://toastwallet.com/
  6. Cscbeliever

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    Damit to early haha Safest place for crypto belive me
  7. Cscbeliever

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    Bitpanda Litebit Those exchanges was the First one i bought crypto
  8. Cscbeliever

    Introductions..... Where's everyone from?

    Germany from Baden Württemberg Found the way from xrp here.
  9. Cscbeliever

    Let's talk about: Wallets

    I can only say something to desktop wallet. 1.you already said make it much easier to back up the wallet and Keys. example You get that File from exporting private Keys but actually You only need that secret to back up ur wallet and Not that private key xyz and other Information. You should make it clear wich information is realy important. To make it Mainstream it needs to be easy and easy to understand for everybody. Most people dont know what to Do After Setup a wallet and to get much more Information After Exporting the Keys can easily confuse People You should keep it as simple as posibile because the Most People are Not tech People Who understand whats goning on.
  10. Cscbeliever

    EOY 2018

    Jep we are the People who bought AT 8 sats..... rember us in 1 year
  11. Cscbeliever

    The Bankroll Manager

    So with the BRM we can sell our csc directly thats awsome... CanT wait for that
  12. Cscbeliever

    EOY 2018

    Paid 8 sats aswell xD
  13. Cscbeliever

    EOY 2018

    Yeah but i have tron for that xD
  14. Cscbeliever

    EOY 2018

    I did the outerside throw 500 in and got 60 back
  15. Cscbeliever

    EOY 2018

    Bah dont remind me of verge. .. was New to crypto and investet AT 20 cent......biggest mistake. ...