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  1. Hey guys never posted on the discord, but I follow it daily and I am getting hyped. I think it’s actually happening for us relatively soon. When the time comes and we are ready to cash out our millions how do we actually do it? I know this has been discussed before, but I don’t think any knowledgable poster has ever laid out a step by step plan for us crypto newbies and rookies. if it were to happen today, I would think to sell CSC for bitcoin and then move bitcoin to Coinbase and other exchanges to cash out. But if my understanding is correct, Coinbase and others have withdrawal limits. Do we just have to slowly withdraw daily or is there a safe way for us to do withdrawals in the millions? Want to get out ahead of this so I am not stressing come Moon time
  2. I’m currently using the mobile wallet on my phone. Do I have to do this update?
  3. Wdbi

    Top 1000 Accounts

    In the 200’s! I’m a huge sports guy and I love stats. Seeing this list makes me want to work my way up the rankings 😄
  4. Wdbi

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    It’s literally in the original post in this thread....
  5. Wdbi

    New Exchange - Bitrue

    I’m seeing a lot of people saying the price should double? Is this a realistic expectation or are people wishful thinking??? Trying not to get my hopes too high
  6. Wdbi

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    I bought on stex. Saw 4 sat so I rushed to get on that. Can’t withdraw though
  7. So we are up 90% there. That’s the one ill believe too
  8. Checked my wallet today and the fiat value was about double was it normally is. Got super excited for a second, but I’m not seeing any bull run or anything happening right now. Anyone else have this happen today?
  9. Wdbi

    Bitflip update

    Not yet. New site seems sketchy
  10. Wdbi

    Bitflip update

    Oh yeah that’s my fear. I have managed to pick up some more csc. So I am back in the holding game. Would really love to add 9.8 million to my stack though
  11. Wdbi

    Bitflip update

    Yes I was able to migrate everything to the new site and am able to see my “tokens”. Not able to withdraw or trade with them yet
  12. Wdbi

    Bitflip update

    Yeah it sounds like it might not be a fast process, but I’m hopeful I get them back. The second I am able I will get it off there and never keep funds on an exchange again
  13. Hey guys, as many of you know I am the sucker that has 9.8 million CSC stuck on bitflip. Today bitflip put out a new update. It looks like another exchange bought them or something and everyone’s funds are migrated over there. I am all set up on the new exchange and now trying to get my csc the heck out of there. A little confused on the process. Can anyone who is a little more crypto savvy than me translate the instructions/new info? Here is the update: BITEXBOOK is BitFlip’s assignee Hi guys! Negotiations have been completed, and a detailed balance management algorithm has been developed, and we are ready to make public the name of the successor - BITEXBOOK. During the bilateral negotiations we reached an agreement according to which StreamCapital Group company (BITEXBOOK cryptocurrency exchange) becomes a legal successor of the rights and duties of BitFlip exchange. The BITEXBOOK Exchange undertakes to fix BitFlip customers balances in its system by issuing debt tokens in the equivalent of the currency in which balances have been remaining on BitFlip customers’ wallets (tokens are issued with the “bf” prefix). The redemption (redemption) of these tokens in a 1: 1 ratio will be made at the expense of commission income in the amount of 100% of the BitFlip client trade. In the future, the management of BITEXBOOK is ready to send additional reserve funds for the prompt discharge of debt obligations. In addition, we plan to negotiate with the management of some coins, offering them to help compensate for the losses incurred by the BitFlip team. To migrate, click on the BitFlip link or click here - https://bitflip.li/migration. Detailed migration instructions are also available here. Your BitFlip team.
  14. Wdbi

    Bitflip, follow the coins

    Anyone know what this means? Bitflip posted this on their Facebook. Translated from Russian. Hello, friends. It is time to describe the algorithm on which the migration of your balance sheets will work, as well as to open the veil of mystery over further actions. Debt liabilities are transferred to another trading site (serving exchange) where they will be recorded in the form of tokens. The Ransom of the tokens of the tokens will occur at the expense of the commission received from your trade. 100 % of the commission's amount will be sent to repayment. A separate page with full statistical information will be created to track the ransom process. In addition, currency pairs of token to this coin will be opened. In this way, each user will be able to put a warrant for the sale of token on the desired price and sell obligations to another member of the new exchange The planned term, during which all tokens are potentially redeemed and the debt is paid at the expense of the commissions, 1-2 How will the balance migration procedure happen? In order to get tokens and start selling them, each user will have to pass the migration procedure to the successor project, after which the balance of the user and all the debts will be transferred to the appropriate tokens on the other platform. These tokens will become available for bidding. For a few days, detailed information on the pravopreemnike will be published, and the technical side for migration will be available. Follow the news!