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  1. jeromem75

    Who is Selling?

    I'll need minimum 1$ for my wife and I to retire, enjoying more holidays and current live style for the next 50 yrs (3% inflation) i'm 43 she's 32. (she'll probably keep working knowing her). Not sure if it will ever happen 😂
  2. I think you need to get your calculator out 🤔😏
  3. I think it is called wishful thinking.
  4. jeromem75


    It's not working for me.
  5. jeromem75

    Exit Price

    I thought I was the only one, thinking it was a done deal, and wondering how rich I should be.
  6. jeromem75

    Bitflip declares bankruptcy

    Csc>dump on another exchange >bitcoin >fiat >lambo>instagram
  7. jeromem75

    Exit Price

    Here you go 🙂
  8. jeromem75

    If economic recession . . .

    I would think people gamble more during recession hoping for brighter futur.
  9. jeromem75


    I wish we had something like that https://ledger.exposed
  10. jeromem75


  11. jeromem75


    Maybe that's his playlist.... 😏
  12. jeromem75


    I suppose I am not a gambler (yes i purchased some xrp and csc 😂) but I don't get it someone who could accept gambling on their winnings. Its like leaving them in a casino and a bot is gambling for you.
  13. jeromem75


    Ok so i won 10000 csc, leave it. Thinking it is 10000£ the next day, some whale dump 20 million csc, my 10k is now 5k. I understand volumes might negate that but for the time being there's that risk that might scare off users. I can also see these risk of becoming a gambling platform on his own around the value of csc? Also if I spent 1k£ for 1k csc put it in the casino, take my 1k csc back i also may lose or win the total value in £?