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  1. Please help me understand if you disagree then. I'm just trying to have a discussion. Market cap is not the total money in the coin, see the attached article explaining my point about market cap not being directly equal to money in the market: http://galgitron.net/Post/The-Myth-of-Market-Cap---Version-2
  2. I think this is where I don't agree ^ If you buy $200000 worth of CSC you don't increase the market cap by $200000. It's just $200000 of volume through the market. With a large enough order book (e.g XRP or Bitcoin) the price, and therefore market cap, could not even/barely change. With Bitcoin on binance with $ 10,000 I could often not even move the price (I just checked binance and there was a 57BTC sell order). the $10,000 would get you your ~3BTC but the price, and therefore market cap, would stay the same. Equally with a very small order book like we currently have with CSC, If I had $10,000 (~3BTC) I could eat up the order book on Stex for 6, 7, and 8 sats and start on the 9 sats orders. This would push the price up 3 sats from 6 sats to 9 sats. (I know there is more than one exchange/pairing but for simplicity, it doesn't matter for this example) 3 sats=$0.0001018095 *36billion CSC is a market cap increase of almost $3.6 Million So with $10,000 I could increase the market cap of CSC by $3.6million. This is why small markets are prone to manipulation. My point is that you can't equate money being put into the market as an increase in market cap. It's just additional Volume in the market. I also do not believe that if 10% of online gambling was using CSC this would mean that 10% of the $26B was directly invested into CSC. People put it in, make a bet, and then take it out and sell it back to fiat, it's just volume. I think the first bit of your post is a good SMA analysis and is a good discussion point, I just disagree about taking the percentage of gambling market cap and adding it to CSC market cap. The utilization of CSC would be great and I'm sure it will increase the price along with other factors. I'm just sceptical of your exact values (whether higher or lower) and methodology.
  3. I'm no economist and just trying to understand your reasoning, but I didn't think you could just transfer Europe's market cap of online gambling to CSC market cap. Would this not be more like an expected yearly volume? Isn't your $ 29.06 B is the total money going through the gambling industry in a year, so surely CSC isn't 'taking' this share as its own market cap if used, it's just being used to transact in and out of the platform.
  4. Chris

    [New puzzle] Win 3,000 CSC!

    Market Capitalization?
  5. Chris

    [New puzzle] Win 3,000 CSC!

    I've got all the letters, but can't work it out!
  6. Chris

    XRP having a mini Bull Run

    https://www.coindesk.com/swift-chief-announces-integration-with-r3-at-paris-fintech-forum Basically Swift announced a proof of concept trial integration with R3. R3's Corda settler has an option of using XRP to settle. The trial doesn't' say that they'll use the Corda settler and even if they did wouldn't necessarily use XRP. "In the trial, corporates using the R3 platform will be able to authorize payments from their banks via GPI Link; GPI payments will be settled by the corporates’ banks, and the resulting credit confirmations will be reported back to the trade platforms via GPI Link on completion." But it's still seen as good news for XRP as it's a step closer to having more banks with the possibility of using XRP
  7. Chris

    Tier 1 Casino Operator

    I believe that the BRM will be used as the way to go FIAT to CSC with all the KYC etc built in.
  8. Chris

    Profits and Tax (UK)

    I was thinking about this a while ago, and had a similar idea to place long-term sports bets (e.g. Liverpool to win the premier league) and cash out almost straight away making a small loss. One thing I did think was that there is likely to be a maximum amount that you're allowed to bet, I doubt you could just rock up on an online casino and place ~£30k on every number (not that I would know) or put £1million on Liverpool to win 😕
  9. That's insane, she gets paid over £1million (pre-tax) per workday of the year.
  10. Yeah, I noticed this, It appears to be a defunct coin from coinsquare. It appears to be valued in the region of $4-5. I noticed that on blockfolio it groups it with casinocoin which is why it sometimes shows your portfolio value in the multi-millions if it averages the exchanges . I've sent a support message to blockfolio and they are looking into it.
  11. Chris

    Bitflip, follow the coins

    Do you want addresses even if we used Bitflip and got everything out successfully? Or just for those who still have holdings on bitflip? @Daniel Keller I'll PM you the info.
  12. Chris


    Interestingly someone on Stex appears to be drip selling CSC for 4 Satoshis in multiple transactions at a rate of roughly 10,000 csc per min today. Slowly waiting for it to eat through to my order