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  1. voirähmä

    Botbuy on Nuex

    Now all bots are down on all CSC exchanges. Volume on CMC shows 1$.
  2. voirähmä

    Size Of Your HODL - POLL

    Nice to see so many at +10 level. Bright future for us.
  3. voirähmä

    Botbuy on Nuex

    And good thing with bots that they will increase volume. Otherwise all CSC exchanges would have really low volume or none. I just hope that will change soon...
  4. voirähmä


    Yeah. Also pretty cheap on XRP sell side.
  5. voirähmä

    Binance Listing !

    How about dollar?
  6. Almost Shark here...Takes longer what I first tough. This year shark, plenty of time next year to grow up to be whale. But might be impossible when prices rocket soon.
  7. voirähmä

    NUEX 11sats

    They were. Now buy bot is dead on Nuex as well. Hope we got those back online. Otherwise volume is stays low.
  8. voirähmä

    NUEX 11sats

    Yes. And reason is only because there isn't bot running on Stex.
  9. Now also CSC/BTC pair. Nice.
  10. I asked from Nuex, at least they haven't planned to increase it. BUt might be. For me its not big deal at the moment. Not doing big transfers. 10 BTC is still 150M CSC
  11. voirähmä

    No volume

    More accurate 24h volume, there is no trades thats why there is low volume. Is it really so that 24h means that it will reset certain time every day?
  12. voirähmä

    No volume

    And shows exact same Stex volume as CMC.
  13. voirähmä

    No volume

    Hope we don´t lose CSC from CMC. 24h volume now $83 USD.
  14. voirähmä

    No volume

    Actually CSC is now more expensive, even most of other coins are going down, when there is not bots and no trades.