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  1. voirähmä

    Exit Price

    Why just hold when you can buy more? And sure if you need some extra fiat, sell 1% at 1$ or even 0.5$
  2. voirähmä

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    Sure, not so bad driver? and what how he talks english, whats not to love about the guy?
  3. voirähmä

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    XRP to CSC is fastest way to increase stack. And now more than ever with those silly Nuex prices. Many will regret missing the boat, when selling dirty cheap.
  4. voirähmä

    CSC listed at stex.com and nuex.com

    Destination tag is not needed when transferring to CSC wallet. Mostly used just between exchanges.
  5. voirähmä

    Do NOT use bitflip to buy CSC

    Now its gone, thanks to us. Lets keep good stuff rolling!
  6. voirähmä


    Best exchange to trade XRP to CSC.
  7. voirähmä


    Nuex is also selling dirty cheap XRP/CSC at the moment. Keep buying more of course.
  8. voirähmä

    Cfinex will soon cease trading

    Its Perkele and Vittu! I deposit and withdraw from nuex daily, zero problems, fast and reliable. Now have been waiting for hours CSC from nlexch....
  9. voirähmä

    Cfinex will soon cease trading

    FCK BTC, waiting for over 6h for confirmation...still not ready. Use XRP instead.
  10. One dolphin here. Might take a month to be Shark. Getting quite cheap at Nuex. So fast with XRP, now waiting BTC transfer for hours...
  11. voirähmä

    Best CSC Exchange

    What I looked it would be forever to buy from nlexch at any "real" price. And maybe Nuex is bit more high rate, but no fees. And CSC is still really low at the moment. Cant wait to play some hold ’em or Omaha with CSC.
  12. voirähmä

    Best CSC Exchange

    Is it so that Nuex is the only place to trade XRP/CSC pair with some volume? Got to love that, both excellent coins and so fast transactions.
  13. voirähmä

    Best CSC Exchange

    Yes Stex is good place for BTC/CSC pair. And if you want to trade XRP to CSC use Nuex. Both work great and fast transactions, 0 problems. Its good to share valuable information to our great community.
  14. voirähmä

    NLexch prices

    Too bad. I got answers pretty fast. Did U send email to support@nuex.com ?
  15. voirähmä

    NLexch prices

    I got response to emails quite fast.