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  1. voirähmä

    Hello everybody

    Welcome to the family
  2. Yes. Bought more at 7 sats.
  3. voirähmä

    CasinoCoin Chat Room

    This would be really nice, lets hope next one is going to be better that Exrates, well it cant be much worse anyway...
  4. voirähmä

    Sucker for punishment

    Correct, dont really matter if its anything below 10, really cheap. Nobody wants to miss this train. Meanwhile just have to stick with
  5. voirähmä


    No pike, trout, salmon....
  6. voirähmä


    Not great. 41%FunFair (FUN) 03%Edgeless (EDG) 30%Wagerr (WGR) 26%CasinoCoin (CSC)
  7. voirähmä

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    Yes. I use both regularly. Stex for BTC trades and NUex most active if you want to use XRP. NLexch work also with BTC. I would avoid Exrates, slow transfers and fake volume.
  8. voirähmä

    XRP Veteran

    Welcome aboard. I also hodl mostly CSC and XRP. Sure you know that you can buy some CSCs using XRP from NUex. Great exchange, no more hasselhoff with BTC.
  9. voirähmä

    3 Sats Possible ?

    Why not to be Whale or Dolphin? But yes I cant buy so many millions more....Only some.
  10. voirähmä

    3 Sats Possible ?

    Just feels so weird that we are at very bottom, even BRM is so close. Well, time time buy some more.
  11. voirähmä

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    Just wanted to get opinions. Do we really want bigger volume on CMC? I would rather see real people investing to the cause. But sure some might think that higher volume is good thing, even its completely fake.
  12. And yes buy CSC now responsible, even we at the bottom. Too bad that I can't yet bet using BRM that in few months we are far away from 0.00065 XRP and 0.00000005 BTC prices.
  13. voirähmä

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    People who say that BTC is slow and CSC is fast, are so wrong. Transfer CSC from exrates was less than 12h. So its not completely scam, they just generate fake volume. So what do you think, is this fake volume something that is good or bad thing?
  14. voirähmä

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    Yeah. I have tested this site. Transfers seem to work...but they are slow as XXX. And dont like that fake volume they are creating. Like selling 0.000000059 instead of 0.00000006. And you cant put order like that via UI. And yes UI sucks. Just use Nuex or Stex. Usually XRP or CSC transfers are MAX minutes, but here at exrates might take days...just stay away! Not sure we want this "volume" Only good thing with fake volume is that we seem to have volume on CMC, but there is always other side of coin.....
  15. voirähmä

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    That sucks, If only one browser works. Not sure if want to transfers funds to place that feels this unprofessional. Like a quality of support or online when not really working.