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  1. Hi, I just watched a youtube video and a guy there said that BRM will work like this: Download BRM -> do KYC -> go to some exchange -> get csc on exchance -> send csc to BRM -> gamble I am not a big gambler, but i thought to myself that i would never go through that process. Its just so complicated. I have to go through KYC on BRM, after that again on exchange, i dont know if i can trust the exchange, suppose i am an idiot and i send csc to the wrong BRM address, etc. What i want to suggest is to do direct deposits on brm using cc, connecting through API to exchange. That way there will be no need to do double KYC or to register on some unknown exchange to get csc and i can instantly gamble with csc using cc. I think technically its easy to implement and could benefit csc. Just a suggestion.
  2. They are preparing general public for inevitable
  3. I think there was a split at some point. Like 1 to 1000, or smth like that. So technically this ATH was at 0.00053576
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