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  1. How can I view the answers by Casinocoin? Random people are commenting below each tweet.
  2. Same applies for listing on bigger exchanges like Binance. I appreciate the no hype mentality but it can be taken too far. If you present yourself as a potato you will be eaten like a potato 😀
  3. With the planned CSC based online casino this should be a priority. In my opinion. User friendliness is key for consumer adoption. The 100k will be easily offset by the value increase of CSC due to growing demand.
  4. Asked before but any update on Ledger Nano integration? Safe and hassle free storage and access to CSC coins helps adoption.
  5. Usecase ☑️ Serious team ☑️ Growing community ☑️ Technology (Ripple based) ☑️ Upward potential @0.0005 EUR ☑️ About the technology part. Will casino coin adopt the updates from the XRP ledger? It will not be easy to get the scale, experience and expertise of the Ripple programming team in house.
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