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  1. Hi all, my situation is as follows: because my own stupidy I thought having a backup file (encrypted) of my mobile wallet and the pincode it was enough to access my coins. I assumed this as I was able to get access to my wallet, but trying to send the coins after more than a year required the password. I don't remember the password anymore and I don't find the recovery phrase either. I created a seperate topic some time ago:
  2. I have checked the topic above and have tried for hours now, but I can't seem to manage to get access to my coins again. Anybody who's willing to help me step by step if it's possible to get my access back? I have a backup file of my mobile CSC Wallet and I know the pincode. I don't know the password of recovery phrase however.
  3. I think it's an encrypted version of my secret key and password? It's under settings: 'backup wallet'
  4. Over a year ago I bought my share of CSC and stored them in a mobile CasinoCoin wallet. Some months ago I bought a new phone and I was able to move the wallet to my new phone using a backup file I created on time of creation of the wallet. Using my pincode I could access the wallet. However, recently I tried to send some coins to a friend of mine as a gift. This was the first time I wanted to send coins and to my (naive) surprise he asked the password of the wallet. I assumed having access to my wallet (having the wallet on my phone and accessing it using my pincode) was enough to actually send the coins too. Now the part that really makes me slam my face in the wall: For some odd reason, I used a different password than my usual passwords and I don't remember after not using it since creating the wallet. To make things worse I don't find the recovery phrase anymore as it is not with the other recovery phrases of different wallets. So my question: I assumed having the backup file and the pincode of the wallet was enough to access my coins. Is this incorrect? Did I lose my coins if I don't find the passphrase or recovery phrase of my wallet? Thanks in advance for responding. PS. Even though I would agree with the answer "yeah, that's pretty stupid of you", it's not really helpful at this time 🙂
  5. True, but it's also a bigger risk. It's normal for an asset which hasn't exploded yet to rise faster than the 3rd (2nd :p) biggest crypto in the world. That said, XRP is targetting a waaaay bigger market than CSC.
  6. I used NLExch purely for purchasing CSC using the BTC/CSC pair and I should say, I can't complain. Everything worked as expected. I understand people talking bad about the way information is spread over their website, but when talking money, I always check these sites fully, before submitting my money there. Anyway, when selling CSC in the future, I hope there will be a lot of big exchanges already listing CSC 🙂
  7. Actually I bought this weekend :) I'm a long time lurker on CSC Chat and saw people mentioning CSC. After taking a look at it, it seemed interesting as a "long shot". This was a few months ago and I didn't actually execute a buy because of the unknown exchanges.. Last week I came back across CSC coin and saw the really interesting price of 4-5 sats, so I thought I would give it a try using NLExch. It was a small purchase because I'm more heavily invested in XRP. We'll see what happens during a next bull run.
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