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  1. Matthews

    CSC/USD price spike

    I never said that ^^ but exchanges like exrates manipulate the whole market. You cant take market cap serious.
  2. Matthews

    CSC/USD price spike

    20 satoshis now is this how there are so many sh.tcoins with marketcap in top 100 at cmc? I always wondered, now i guess i know...
  3. Matthews

    what is this all about ?

    So this is what the price spike caused? I am confused.
  4. Matthews

    CasinoCoin NEW Exchange

    I can only speak for NLexch, but they are also great. Super fast deposit (using xrp ) and withdraw. I will try nuex next time
  5. Do you think more money is moved when brm is released, or csc is added to lets say binance?
  6. Matthews

    future exchanges

    I'm positive to see CSC in 2019 on any major exchange. But I don't see a reason why to delist it on any current exchange.