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  1. KMACMcGrath

    CasinoCoin Dot Connecting!

    Oliver WU is the guy in the pic. You want to connect more dots look him up lol.
  2. KMACMcGrath

    Average Buying Price

    Dropped it to .0002272 starting to get super exciting.
  3. So will BRM still come out Q3ish as planned?
  4. KMACMcGrath

    CSC on Bitrue Exchange VOTE NOW!

    I’d be happy with 189 and be at a penny.
  5. KMACMcGrath

    CSC on Bitrue Exchange VOTE NOW!

    It would be nice to see it listed relatively soon and to see even just a small amount.
  6. KMACMcGrath

    CSC on Bitrue Exchange VOTE NOW!

    Well it has more than 500 yes votes.
  7. KMACMcGrath

    What Exchanges I wanna see.

    IDK I would say I agree it’s a long Hodl but who really knows once that BRM comes out and the operator is released and when the foundation actually starts marketing CSC and more exchanges list the coin I feel it could definitely take off. I guess it depends how much you own or what price you need it to be to sell.
  8. KMACMcGrath

    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell

    Then when I win my winnings will already be CSC and I won’t have to withdraw it from my gambling site and send it from coinbase to nuex to exchange it for CSC.
  9. KMACMcGrath

    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell

    I try to buy some every couple days with my gambling winnings. Just waiting for one more cbb game today and I’ll have another 450$ USD for CSC. Love it. Can’t wait to actually use the coin to gamble.
  10. KMACMcGrath

    CasinoCoin Landscape Update by John Caldwell

    Still waiting for fiat
  11. KMACMcGrath

    CAN THE BRM be released already

    I agree I just want the benefits. Not to mention when I say I want it to be released clearly I want there to be no bugs 🐛, I don’t want it to come out half done. I just wanna save myself some time and hassle and money whilst also making some money haha. soon I know.
  12. KMACMcGrath

    25,000 CSC Giveaway!!

    Why don’t you give a million of your CSC away if 25k isn’t good enough.
  13. KMACMcGrath

    CAN THE BRM be released already

    Sometimes my card gets declined as well because the processing changes and is from different countries so if I deposit more than once or twice I’ll have to call my bank to get them to release the funds or take the hold off the account once I verify it’s me making the payments.
  14. KMACMcGrath

    CAN THE BRM be released already

    Well my example of today deposited 200$ to the website and cost me 21$ in fees so I payed 221$ to be able to gamble with 200$. When I cash out I either need to do it via check which comes from a different country and I can only withdraw 3500$ at a time and is hard to deposit at my local bank. Usually takes 3+ weeks to get the check and then almost a week for it to hit my account once I deposit and deal with Bs questions at my bank. I can withdraw via bitcoin but this takes about 2 days for the site to review my withdrawal then almost a day to hit my coinbase account and I have to deal with fees leaving the gaming site as well as selling the btc at coinbase fee and then have to withdraw from there to my PayPal or bank. I get it quicker with PayPal but have to pay the bank transfer fee if I want it immediate and again can only do 5k like once a month directly to my card which takes like 10 mins. Ive wanted to try other gaming sites but honestly don’t feel like going through the hassle of being approved. It would be nice to just get approved once and be able to deposit and withdraw in a matter of seconds on multiple gaming sites, without getting destroyed by several high fees and everything being quick. If I didn’t own so many CSC I’d honestly be more excited about the gaming experience than making a profit off my CSC. When I do get to use it to game some of my stack will be purely for gambling and the other for investing. Just have to make sure I can keep the two separate. I’m telling you this will make a huge difference in experience of a gambler.
  15. Yes would love for price to increase of CSC but damn I just want to be able to use it. Sick of paying a massive fee when depositing money on my gambling sites.