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  1. So will $CSC work like $ETH? eg: You have to buy $CSC to buy Cammegh tokens. Cammegh tokens are launched on the $CSC platform? Cammegh will accept your $CSC and then do a Cammegh token distribution? air drops and such? Any sight on this will be nice. Thanks
  2. Not sure when all the trading on Bitrue will show up on CoinMarketCap!!!
  3. When do you think $CSC trading on Bitrue show up on CMC?
  4. Hi Does anybody know when CSC will be listed on Bitrue?
  5. Half a Million only!!! For Now Gues I can buy more since it is even cheaper Buy the dip they said, it will be fun they said.
  6. Anybody here know when CSC will be listed on a major exchange? Like Binance? I do hold a few CSC!!!!
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