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  1. Where can I buy some of that new XXX coin?
  2. Amen 🙏 to this! Good luck to us all.
  3. That’s a fantastic place to arrive at @Zenkert You are Zenkert and you have achieved a Zen state 👍😌
  4. Good luck to you @Yellowmellowsub It seems to me you have a very good strategy. Being satisfied with your lot is a difficult achievement some times and I think we will all do very well here eventually without any need to be greedy and dissatisfied. That’s for later people, not for us.
  5. Has it not happened yet here? Haha! One day I’m sure 😉 Good to see you here again.
  6. Yes, I tend to agree with this. It also depends how many are for sale at the price you wish to buy at, compared to how many you want. For example, one or two smaller buys could stimulate others who are waiting on the sidelines and they get what should have been your second and third buys, and the price jumps up a magnitude before you jump back in when you could have bought all that you wanted in the beginning. @Zenkert correctly talks about patience too. When im buying, I just buy. My time is precious too and spending too long agonising at these prices is not a good use of my time imho.
  7. Roughly today for £300 = 0.1 BTC = 1,666,667 CSC @ 6 sats if you can get it. £300 should equal £1,667 one day. And £16,667 another time after that. And £166,667 after that. And one day, not too far in the future, I hope it can be £1,666,667. For just £300 now. I’ll take those odds 😉
  8. I’m certain with good news will come new buying pressure. FOMO. I bought plenty at 6 sats today and the price went to 7s. We’re all CSC whales 🐋 in this era of the project 👍😊
  9. Funnily enough, buying some raises the price 😉
  10. Agreed! That would be absolutely marvellous although I’d rather it was at least £1 which is more than a dollar 👍😊 Note to self: MUST BUY MORE! 😂🤑
  11. It feels like it’s ONLY the bots doing all the CSC buying everywhere. No-one else. Well, at least that pegs us to BTC lol. CSC = stablecoin 😊
  12. Hi! Yes please, I’d like an invitation too [email protected]! Merci!
  13. Let’s hope there’s somewhere safer to store them soon if you do!
  14. I’ll join you! Tough crowd in here lol 😂
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