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  1. RMCSC

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    deposit and withdraw on STEX neither
  2. RMCSC

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    That's exactly what i think. Especially because nlexchange is still not working and they have/Had the biggest wallet We will see
  3. RMCSC

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    Could it be a new exchange?
  4. RMCSC

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    Got this answer from NLEXchange, doesn't sound good.... Support correct as CSC Dev ask as to stop all tradings till they finish the investigation, asap i will enable the trading engine you can use the coins... Sorry but today is crazy day for me!
  5. RMCSC

    CSC Temporary Disabled at NUEX

    Not possible too put a buy order on STEX either... withdraw also not possible.
  6. What happend? 2 sats on Stex??
  7. . Exrates is on blockfolio since yesterday. There really is no activity just some real small orders. I agree with the bullshit 🙂
  8. he is waiting for his paycheck
  9. You can still get you're free CSC when using the XLM airdrop https://www.blockchain.com/getcrypto
  10. True, you can never have enough CSC
  11. I have enough save in my wallet, but have some extra to play with on STEX and NLExchange
  12. When you're on STEX you have to wait for my 5 sat orders
  13. RMCSC


    CSC is doing good. 7 sats right now! Any specific reason for the raise?
  14. RMCSC


    I am glad the Megalodon is gone. Now i can stop buying But i like this graphic!
  15. I think 5 sats is the bottom... too much going on for 3 sats.