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  1. RMCSC

    Merry X-mas to you all

    'Fijne feestdagen' to all of you
  2. RMCSC

    Recent BTC rice is a Dead Cat Bounce?

    I really don 't think anybody can predict crypto...
  3. RMCSC


    Just a matter of time
  4. There where bots on stex a couples of weeks ago. I don t really mind at the moment. They give volume and that is needed to be listed
  5. True! Both nuex and nlexch are doing much better then stex at the moment.
  6. RMCSC

    What other coins do you have?

    Besides csc only xrp. I have had DGB and VET but sold all of it for csc a couple of months ago. That was a good choice i tink 😉
  7. Wow!! Didn't see such great news coming before 2019. Very great for the foundation
  8. RMCSC

    Average Buying Price

    Almost januari 1 2019. Then we can say these prices goodbye 😎
  9. RMCSC

    Average Buying Price

    0,0003331. And have some 4 sat orders on stex coming 😉
  10. RMCSC

    Ding Dong The BiTCh is dead!

    I'm glad i am not into bch. I really don t understand wat that ' hash war' means what they are talking about. But it doesnt sound good for crypto does it?
  11. RMCSC


    Thats great, mine too! I just looked on Stex at all my open orders got filled voor 4 sats Didn't expected that because my order was just a week old... Now i wan't more
  12. let's really hope they wil hold for a long time like they say!