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  1. I might have been a bit too early but one day my 'next year' prediction becomes reality.
  2. TwoTwoFour

    Burn Fees with CRN

    Nope, the max and circulating supply will always be 40B. However I believe theres a possibility for escrowing casinocoins so technically the circulating supply could get lower.
  3. TwoTwoFour

    Burn Fees with CRN

    Yes the circulating supply will always be 40B, the fees that are burned go to people that run a CRN
  4. I predict tens of announcements this year regarding partnerships! Even the BRM will be announced according to my beautiful crystal ball!
  5. TwoTwoFour

    What Sat? EOY

    You've a point there but im confident we will be on the mainstream exchanges by the end of the year, some have fiat pairs! Everyone that holds will be rewarded.
  6. TwoTwoFour

    What Sat? EOY

    I don't buy bread with sats, I think we end up in the multiple cents. Top 20 is coming 🙂
  7. TwoTwoFour

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    Right, atleast the avocado does well
  8. TwoTwoFour

    TRX -> CSC

    CSC will have the best ROI.
  9. Dude, if you still didn't buy any CSC it might be better for you to find a gamblers rehab or so. To answer your question, I think we are maybe days/weeks away from a move up due news.
  10. TwoTwoFour

    CasinoCoin Night Club

    It's better to use this https://openmarketcap.com/exchanges/ranking/volume it shows real volume ( without washtrading ). Hitbtc doesn't have a very good reputation. Never the less it would create exposure for us !
  11. TwoTwoFour

    40 Billion Supply?

    Some say wutang is a mystery, a legend, a myth, a story known by only a few...
  12. TwoTwoFour

    BRM Photos

    No but personally I would say within 2 months.
  13. Nlexch usually has the highest volume. Usually someone dumps 50-60m at once.