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  1. TwoTwoFour


    I bought the Bahamas already... I was thinking about a new name for it Aha Casinocoins islands
  2. TwoTwoFour


    Accumulate accumulate do I need to say it another time? Yes! ACCUMULATE. These prices will soon be history and will never be seen again, build your stacks now instead of building it at 10 cents
  3. TwoTwoFour

    7 Sats

    Wonder when we talk drops instead of sats
  4. TwoTwoFour


    Whalecome on the beautiful CSCchat
  5. TwoTwoFour

    No volume

    Volume volume, theres simply none. A handful of people are buying and a handful are selling. We won't see any increase in volume without bigger exchanges
  6. TwoTwoFour

    5000 CSC Giveaway!

  7. TwoTwoFour

    CSC liquidity in the future

    https://casinocoin.org/doc/CasinoCoin_Presentation_en.pdf Here is a nice presentation about the BRM. With the release of the BRM there will be the option to convert fiat into CSC ( and vice versa ) within the BRM through the payment processor.
  8. TwoTwoFour

    CSC not a security

    You gave yourself already the answer. CSC never had an ICO so there's no reason to be worried about it. I think CSC can be seen as a currency, you will play actual games with it on whatever operator you like.
  9. TwoTwoFour


    I will pump CSC this month or next month. Some will know why and some don't.
  10. I only use bitcoin, it reminds me of the oldtimes when you had to send a letter to your mate instead of a whatsapp message.
  11. TwoTwoFour

    CasinoCoin Talk

    Haven't been following CSC that much lately due all the delay we had. If I had to sell now I would have sold on the BTC pair since it simply has the most volume. I hope we will see in the near future an upward price movement. Its ridiculous to see CSC at these low prices with this usecase, the team but also the BRM that soon will be released. I hope that with the upward price movement we will also come on an exchange that has more users but also a fiat pair. Hodl on guys, this is a true gem
  12. TwoTwoFour

    CSC Price in 2019

    Remember remember december? The whole cryptospace is even today speculation. Bitcoin even went to 20.000 on pure SPECULATION. ( Crazy world we live in ) But lets take a closer look at a coin with a supply like CSC. I chose ADA ( Cardano ) it has a max supply of 31b coins, no working product but still managed to hit over a dollar ($1.31) in January. I don't say this will happen to CSC but to say it will absolutely do nothing to the price is in my opinion not right
  13. TwoTwoFour

    CSC Price in 2019

    Agreed I think many don't understand what speculation and fomo can do
  14. TwoTwoFour

    CSCCrazy or CSCSain

  15. TwoTwoFour

    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    That's not weird at all, it avoid spammers which other exchange chats often have.