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  1. $3-5 next year, screenshot this and hang it above your bed
  2. TwoTwoFour

    Casinocoin brochure ICE

    Here by a CasinoCoin brochure from ICE, I believe this was used for ICE 2018. https://www.docdroid.net/6NHv0n0/casinocoin-ice-brochure.pdf This the current brochure which is more extensive: https://casinocoin.org/doc/CasinoCoin_Presentation_en.pdf
  3. I doubt so, where would the volume come from? I don't see BIG volume coming from the current exchanges. We might see a movement in price but I doubt thats more than 15sats, we need bigger exchanges for a bullrun. *Yes there will be volume coming from the BRM but I don't think that will be enough for a real bullrun, especially within the sandbox with restrictions.
  4. Its fairly simple, you formatted your hard drive and lost your keys. The phrase won't help you out nor the address or balance will. Without your private keys you won't be able to retrieve them... I am sorry for your loss
  5. TwoTwoFour

    0.006 EOY

    Oh wait, we are in the middle of a bearmarket ... XRP has twice ( 2.5 ) the supply... Even if we weren't anywhere 'near' 1usd we would have still been at 64 cents if you compare XRP to CSC. Djem diamond, forgot what a lot of shit projects did when they got listed on bigger exchanges? Exactly that pumps enormously.
  6. TwoTwoFour

    0.006 EOY

    The bull will wake up, the gnashing of the teeth will go through the cryptosphere when they find out they missed this gem. $1 in a few months* *If we get bigger exchanges.
  7. TwoTwoFour


    Not even looking at crypto anymore that much
  8. TwoTwoFour

    Botbuy on Nuex

    HELP the topic is in the wrong section. EVACUATE NOW.
  9. TwoTwoFour


    Please stick to constructive answers or I will ban you You're not a mod @TwoTwoFour !
  10. TwoTwoFour


    I bought the Bahamas already... I was thinking about a new name for it Aha Casinocoins islands
  11. TwoTwoFour


    Accumulate accumulate do I need to say it another time? Yes! ACCUMULATE. These prices will soon be history and will never be seen again, build your stacks now instead of building it at 10 cents
  12. TwoTwoFour

    7 Sats

    Wonder when we talk drops instead of sats
  13. TwoTwoFour


    Whalecome on the beautiful CSCchat
  14. TwoTwoFour

    No volume

    Volume volume, theres simply none. A handful of people are buying and a handful are selling. We won't see any increase in volume without bigger exchanges