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  1. XRPto50dollars

    2020 Year of CasinoCoin ?

    no. its fun to do, but its futile to put a 'set date' on when success will occur. i highly doubt CSC will see .05 next year. please remember many members in here last year were saying CSC would end the year between .003 and .90. none of which occurred. i believe CSC will succeed, but not on our timetable. and yes, the normal response is, "well, theres so many things in the works right now compared to last year."
  2. XRPto50dollars

    Token Update From Las Vegas - 26th of June, 2019

    its going to be nice someday when more people join CSCchat and it doesnt take three weeks to get an answer
  3. its funny people think Libra is an actual coin. it only exists on paper
  4. k. when XRP hits $1 again i'll repost your post
  5. csc reminds me of old school investing for some reason. cant put my finger on it but i love it. maybe because the people behind CSC are relatable
  6. XRPto50dollars

    Cammegh Token on CasinoCoin Blockchain

    excellent. we dont have to know all the ins and outs right now. keep up the good work! we appreciate it all. this is a very good lesson in business tactics. patience is key. you often dont know what is going on behind the scenes.
  7. XRPto50dollars

    Bitrue Withdrawal Fee

    sure. do whats comfortable for you of course. grand scheme, 200 is not bad especially when ive read nothing but great reviews on bitrue. worst case, CSC hits $1. youre out $1,000 if you do 5 transactions.
  8. XRPto50dollars

    Bitrue Withdrawal Fee

    yes and no. 200 CSC seems like alot because the number '200' looks big. but as of this post, thats only a .24 cent fee. thats not bad. If bitrue changed the termenology to "Fee: 0.24".. that looks great, right? now, regarding future prices, yes if CSC were to hit $1.. then looking back you spent $200 on fees, but thats not the way to look at it. if you hold 5 million CSC and csc hits $1... thats $5 million in your pocket. will you really complain about a $200 fee then? ..i dont think so
  9. XRPto50dollars

    CSC 0.002

    delete what
  10. XRPto50dollars

    Cammegh Token to make CasinoCoin blockchain debut

    amazing product and team
  11. XRPto50dollars

    CSC 0.002

    why? because it isnt a baseless 30 minute long video, with annoying background music? its informative and appreciated.
  12. XRPto50dollars

    2,000,000 CSC Coins as a Bounty!

    ..like this? 2 million CSC please
  13. XRPto50dollars

    Bitrue uses Simplex for CC purchase

    yes, but how difficult is it to actually get your funds by using them?
  14. Anyone else turned off by this? Google 'Simplex review' and be prepared to read literally thousands of negative reviews