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  1. zero doubt? until xrp skyrockets for some reason and then he jumps back to making xrp videos csc is a great investment but that doesnt mean xrp cant surprise us at any time
  2. oh boy, xrpchat.com is down. if you listen closely you can hear the groans and confusion in the air
  3. i think we're going to follow a path where the top wallets get bigger, pushing the smaller people in the top 1000 down (and some out of the top 1000). followed by the number of csc required to be in the top 1000 decreasing exponentially over the coming years, pushing the people who fell down, back up even higher. agree? disagree? im old and have no idea what im talking about most times
  4. at the forefront. most times in business, other companies wait for someone else to jump on board prior to diving in. now that goodgaming had the insight to work with casinocoin, i believe other companies will too. very impressive.
  5. i noticed this as well. good point. thanks for sharing. unlike other coins, csc increases in price due to tangible things happening in real world scenarios caused by the efforts of real people working day and night to make this happen. three cheers to them all.
  6. do you have some knowledge to share or are you asking for someone to provide this?
  7. its always refreshing to read that people know their limits and are out at a certain price. its these people who make the profits. good for you!
  8. this is the most conversation cscchat has had...ever lets keep it going!
  9. he got it from this site: https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/omnia-casino-review/ which of course, we shouldn't interpret any random site as doctrine, and it would have been better if @XRPtoCSC provided a link for research purposes
  10. i havent researched this but it will be interesting to see what the foundation says about this. all businesses have bumps in the road. nothing is perfect and we shouldnt be expecting perfection here either
  11. would be wonderful but highly doubt this. slow gradual growth is what we want. i dont want csc jumping to .05 next year only to crash to .0002 for the following 3 years. i can wait.
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