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  1. and this is a great example for all that no matter how old we get, we're never too old to be wrong thanks!
  2. definitely dont call it an account number. account number sounds like something from a bank. there are wallet addresses and keys. like already said above, never share your private address with anyone. the csc wallet is incredibly simple to use actually and straightforward.
  3. XRPto50dollars

    First to go LIVE

    i dont know what will be more exciting.. csc at .01, or more people talking in cscchat.com
  4. XRPto50dollars

    First to go LIVE

    we all know your intentions. give it a break.
  5. XRPto50dollars

    First to go LIVE

    whats this? https://medium.com/goaver/aver-partners-with-casinocoin-to-offer-frictionless-kyc-for-players-ee2955449710
  6. XRPto50dollars

    eGamingFund Donation Cryptmas

  7. XRPto50dollars

    eGamingFund Donation Cryptmas

    How does someone enter to win?
  8. XRPto50dollars

    First to go LIVE

    we've had that feeling concerning crypto in general since 2018 but yes , always good to feel motivated
  9. XRPto50dollars

    Is the BRM getting closer??

    great information! i guess if csc is going to fail, there will be no more need for you to post in here, hu
  10. XRPto50dollars

    Here we go BTC is up

    we're going to start seeing random profiles being created with ill-intentions and nonsensical one-liners as the project moves forward. happens with every investment.
  11. XRPto50dollars

    Help me out on this one, please (where are you located)

    should have got the flu shot
  12. XRPto50dollars

    Is the BRM getting closer??

    just hope. party during the party, not before the party.
  13. XRPto50dollars

    Is the BRM getting closer??

    I believe so as well.
  14. XRPto50dollars

    0.006 EOY

    nope. random predictions are fun but mean nothing and are usual very far off especially because the people making the predictions have something to gain from it
  15. XRPto50dollars

    Here we go BTC is up

    CSC to.........