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  1. Wutang2889

    Brief CSC holiday update. Hope everyone is well!

    By what month in 2019 will csc price start to increase?
  2. What's his twitter ?
  3. Wutang2889

    Santa wish list CSCerious

    Do you think casinocoin goes to the moon after brm launches and t1 operator comes out of closet?
  4. Wutang2889

    CSC Weath Calculator

    You have to be paranoid and better be safe than sorry
  5. Do you have an estimated release date for brm ?
  6. I prefer to buy csc using stex
  7. Wutang2889

    Big Wall 50sats

    what does this mean ?
  8. Wutang2889

    CSC Price in 2019

    Why 2023 ??
  9. Wutang2889

    Binance exchange not working right now?

    Is csc on binance?
  10. Wutang2889

    Who Is the Operator?

    When and where did they say they have a tier 1 operator?
  11. I put all my eggs in one basket so I hope you are right soon!
  12. Wutang2889

    Casino coin Secret key????

    Can you recover a wallet without the secret key?
  13. Where can i find the secret key if i moved private keys off pc and sold my pc.