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  1. Wutang2889

    Bankroll Manager Beta Test, looking for you!

    How long will the beta testing last ?
  2. Wutang2889


    How much csc did u buy?
  3. What do u mean I am a fun member?
  4. I get my next paycheck next Wednesday hopefully prices stay the same.
  5. I have been following csc since November but still haven't bought any and I'm getting fomo do you think csc will still be at 6 satoshi 2 weeks from now?
  6. How many days till you think the operator is announced.
  7. Wutang2889

    The World of CasinoCoin

    How long in estimated time do you think it takes for operator to through sandbox and get approved ?
  8. Wutang2889

    The World of CasinoCoin

    I don't get fiat til next Wednesday do you think I miss out on csc cheap prices.
  9. Wutang2889

    Brief CSC holiday update. Hope everyone is well!

    By what month in 2019 will csc price start to increase?
  10. Wutang2889

    Santa wish list CSCerious

    Do you think casinocoin goes to the moon after brm launches and t1 operator comes out of closet?
  11. You have to be paranoid and better be safe than sorry
  12. Do you have an estimated release date for brm ?
  13. I prefer to buy csc using stex