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  1. Grey

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    haha, fwiw according to CMC the 24 hour trading volumes (Total, not csc) Bitflip - $26,000 Cfinex- $22,000 NLExch-$9,000
  2. Grey

    Get your funds off of Cfinex!

    are the prices the same at the other 2 exchanges?
  3. Grey


    Explosive, parabolic growth; a harvest moon :) @Rey nailed it! The great thing about forums is they help slow down my impatience; a steady trickle of sleuthing, conjecture and hype keeps the blood flowing in my moribund dreams
  4. Grey


    Slow forum as the potential builds towards fruition! :lol:
  5. Grey


    Hi @Fidgetspinner I am not. I have spent some time over there but didn't know there was someone by the same handle. I don't want to usurp them so perhaps I should change names?
  6. Grey


    ^Not sure I'd call that ecstasy
  7. Grey


    Sorry to intrude, but how can you tell where you are in the queue? (I'm new and ignorant 🙂 )
  8. Grey


    Hi, new CSC'er. Excited to be in such a promising coin so early. I am intrigued by the BRM; have been lurking. Not much interesting to say on my end. 🙂