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  1. Rey

    How many CSC owners ?

    What's the matter? You seem to have joined CSCchat in late December 2018 ... getting impatient yourself because we haven't mooned yet? If demand increases due to usage or speculation, the price will go up and so will the number of accounts. It's inevitable that the distribution will proceed. Just don't expect it to be today or tomorrow. If you're just in the game for a quick buck, think again. Good luck.
  2. Rey

    How many CSC owners ?

    FUD ... since when does 45.29% + 14.89% equal 80% ? The 50 biggest wallets contain app. 60% ... 60% isn't that much different from many other projects, e.g. Ripple owns an equal large amount of XRP. Last but not least, this stage of distribution is fairly normal considering the very young age of the CSC project. Normal market dynamics will apply to CSC just as much as to other digital assets.
  3. JPM is bank #6 in the world ... How do you think they are actually going to settle with the other banks? And why would another bank trust JPM Coin? Why and how is a stablecoin a threat to a non-fiat backed digital asset? This is only digitising nostro/vostro ... NOT solving it.
  4. LOL, he still supports CSC ... though lately our shiny metal speaker primarily chants TTTRRRROOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN
  5. I was all-in on XRP since the summer of 2017, so got the news about the CSC swap late 2017 on XRPchat and decided to enter last summer. Like with XRP I trust the use case, I trust the tech and I trust the team and its strategy ...
  6. TLDR: Go team & BHODL Thanks for posting this. I think JC shared a very honest perspective of the recent past and current developments. Apart from us having enough understanding and patience, I really hope that the team has enough resources and perseverance to deal with the extra time and required effort to make this project a success. Remember that just like XRP, this isn't a sprint ... more like a marathon ... and we're still very, very early in the game.
  7. Waaaaaaaa .... you're Bronze, dear Gentlebird ... Congratz, Cheers and Party
  8. Welcome to CSCchat @Sprosper I'm happy as it is now, so I voted no ... guess the team has limited time and resources. Though if some people really need other colours due to visual handicaps or something, I'm not against that feature of course ...
  9. Hi @Rodneymoss Welcome to CSCchat. Did you contact their support? Remember that STEX is a relatively small exchange so they might answer a bit later. With respect to the withdrawal, I don't recall having a 404-error, though in some cases a withdrawal needs to be acknowledged by someone @STEX. One time I had to wait one day before they authorized the withdrawal of my funds (also BTC in that particular case BTW). Hope things will work out for you. Take care.
  10. Let's stay CStrongC ... there's one more day of ICE ... also, maybe the Tier 1 operator partner just needs more time ... A bit of positive news would certainly be welcome though ...
  11. @Tarek Saad Thanks for sharing. Great effort. I'm curious to see if CSC and other digital assets will also be used beyond the world of online gambling ... e.g. think online gaming, maybe usage in RL etc. Also interesting is the issue what part of the price level will be due to usage and what part will be due to speculation ...
  12. Rey


  13. Rey


    Really great that you joined us @XRP2CSC Make yourself at home and have fun. Cheers
  14. Agreed. There aren't many sites yet that accept half a CSC ...