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  1. Yes, the same text and the same email address were used in that case (earlier today or yesterday).
  2. Thanks for mentioning, dear Bull. FWIW, one member of the Zerpening club on XRPchat who also has an account in this chat was also contacted by that same user here in CSCchat.
  3. In my experience the CSC/BTC trade volume has been a little higher with NUEX. Though as the current price is only a few sats, the steps in price are rather high ... I mean going from 5 sats to 6 is already 20% higher ... So though I personally prefer the CSC/XRP trading pair, I'd watch both trading pairs for the best bargain ... Also, in my experience it pays to have a little patience ... I FOMO'd waayyyy too often ... This all is just my personal experience and it's definitely NOT meant as financial or trading advise ... Always do your own research!
  4. Agreed. In a case like this a little patience might be beneficial. Also, often DCA works better than trying to time the market. BTW, welcome to CSCchat, @Trickery Really awesome to also see you in this place ... cheers,
  5. Rey


    C'mon @Jack-of-Spade it's not about that. @CSC_Legend did some research on the history and credibility of this exchange and he shared his opinion with us after that. It's not about the listing of a trading pair in itself. That is something that anyone or any exchange can do. The issue here is that some of us, and I'm one of them myself, were very unhappily surprised by the online track record of this exchange and we didn't expect that after the announcement by @Daniel Keller on Discord.
  6. Hey @LeGonze right, approval isn't needed. However considering the the announcement by the Foundation and the words they used, one would at least expect that the exchange isn't a scam ...
  7. Don't think that approval is needed, however if the the Foundation makes an announcement like @Daniel Keller did on Discord, you would at least expect that the exchange should be legit and to be trusted. If this isn't the case, I agree that things tend to get difficult. I for one posted the news in the Zerpening on XRPchat after the announcement on Discord and at this moment I regret that I did. Thanks to @CSC_Legend for sharing the information about the exchange and its reputation.
  8. I posted because there had been an announcement on Discord by @Daniel Keller After @CSC_Legend mentioned that there are issues with this exchange I posted that I would remove the post on XRPchat for now, which I did immediately after that.
  9. Rey


    Welcome to CSCchat, @CSC_Legend Thanks for sharing your opinion. @Daniel Keller Since there was an announcement about this new CSC listing on Discord, is there any comment/official statement wrt this exchange?
  10. What's the matter? You seem to have joined CSCchat in late December 2018 ... getting impatient yourself because we haven't mooned yet? If demand increases due to usage or speculation, the price will go up and so will the number of accounts. It's inevitable that the distribution will proceed. Just don't expect it to be today or tomorrow. If you're just in the game for a quick buck, think again. Good luck.
  11. FUD ... since when does 45.29% + 14.89% equal 80% ? The 50 biggest wallets contain app. 60% ... 60% isn't that much different from many other projects, e.g. Ripple owns an equal large amount of XRP. Last but not least, this stage of distribution is fairly normal considering the very young age of the CSC project. Normal market dynamics will apply to CSC just as much as to other digital assets.
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