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  1. Jack-of-Spade

    New Pair CSC/DOGE

    Yess, I read somewhere back in the day that in the United States, some stores only accept dogecoin as payment. IF, that is true, that's a use case. And we are not too far behind at all...
  2. Jack-of-Spade

    Triple crown races

    https://www.paulickreport.com/news/ray-s-paddock/waldrop-online-betting-on-horse-racing-still-legal-despite-justice-department-reversal-on-wire-act/ 🐎💩🔥🔥
  3. Jack-of-Spade

    Daily sports plays..

    America football being played today.. Saints eagles tonight!! 🏟️🏈
  4. Jack-of-Spade

    Free Fallin Today

    @Zenkert What do you feel is our bottom to buy on exchanges?? 5 or 4 sats?? Or do you think we have already bottomed out,
  5. Jack-of-Spade

    Size Of Your HODL - POLL

    @777 Yes, we are all players now in the game of Life.. Welcome!!
  6. She did it in a dream... Not saying it is or isn't going to happen... We just have too wait and see.. She also was the first person to say CSC to 0.30 cent in March.... • March hasn't happened yet... Some people live before time, they do walk amongst us @777 🔮@Jack-of-Spade
  7. Jack-of-Spade

    Size Of Your HODL - POLL

    @777 Can you at least give us, what you believe to be, 1 benefit the BRM will provide us?? And then I'll answer your poll.... New poster, Just to make sure your not FUD.. Thanks.. 👍,
  8. Jack-of-Spade

    Free Fallin Today

  9. Jack-of-Spade

    Triple crown races

    Get ready and buckel your seatbelt... Futures odds have arrived https://www.scribd.com/document/397132204/Avello-s-145th-Kentucky-Derby-odds-Jan-9 ☘️ 🚀
  10. Jack-of-Spade

    Triple crown races

    🇺🇸🏇💸🎲👑🔥🔥🔥://www.horseracingnation.com/news/DraftKings_opens_Kentucky_Derby_2019_betting_see_the_odds_123 Cheeeeaaaa!!
  11. ^^^.... I speak a little German???? Maybe... I got some of it, haha 🇩🇪
  12. Jack-of-Spade


    Updated WOSP list from May and the rest of 2019... https://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/23527-2019-world-series-of-poker-13-more-events-finalized-for-50th-annual-running
  13. Jack-of-Spade

    Triple crown races

    https://www.kentuckyderby.com/horses 2019 The road to Derby day, in America!!!! Points do matter, 💯
  14. Jack-of-Spade


    http://www.wsop.com/m/news/?newsID=10835&Title=WSOP-CIRCUIT-HALFTIME-REPORT&Year=2018&Month=Dec Halftime report, things could get even crazier than first half.. It's cool to be following so far! G'luck to all competitors this year!
  15. Jack-of-Spade

    Tired of Baby Exchanges

    Tired of complainers...